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  1. Hellou.. I have a clean interlude pack, without custom mods, totally working, tested with more than 1000 players. If you are interested you can send me a pm.
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I was out of it for a long time but I'm back. Anyone interested can write to me about the files.
  3. Server On? How many online ?
  4. Where i can download interface from classic?
  5. Me apunto para el servidor que venga.. Activo! pd: Te agregue al fb, Aceptame!
  6. this is true. aggressive and irritating.
  7. Do you have something against me? Because you say "Themes with lies" if you want I show you to see that it is true ...
  8. What is the problem?... He just says it because I tried my files and saw that everything works perfect. Go suck the balls to tryskell :troll:
  9. Are u stupid? why moderator will closed topic? just because you say so? Do you have any problems with me Or are you just jealous of not having a project like mine? :okey: This server files are impossible to be stable and good for live use ? You can check this. Stable server with more them 1000 ppl. I'm working on this project yet, many many bugs has been fixed, also u can test it.
  10. Ready, check u skype. yes, i can support with some things..
  11. But man, you have any problem with my project? wtf stop spam here... i just show my project and want to sell my work.. <_< If you do not like it, just ignore it.