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  1. https://l2arena.net/ https://forum.l2arena.net/ https://discord.gg/hvUhEYY Arena 200x SUBSTACK GM-SHOP [AIO]-BUFFER -=Custom NPCs=- Arena Trader: -Dynasty Set -Arena Coin -Tattoo (Fighter, Mage) -Tattoo Empowered -Gold Exchange -Raid Boss Jewels. etc... Arena Helper- -Class Changer -Quest items selling -=Main Zones=- -Pavel Ruins: Yellow Stones, Silver Stone and Top LS -Monastery of Silence: Main Mats For Equipment -Primeval Isle: Highest adena drop -=Custom Featurs=- -Substack system: Main class + Second class (only same race). -Raid Boss: -Longhorn Golkonda - Aden - Tower of Insolence 11 -Raid Boss = Krapfen Longhorn - Hunters Village - Angel Waterfall -Raid Boss = Karavik Longhorn - Orc Village - Immortal Plateau Southern Region -Raid Boss = Meridok Longhorn - Elven Village - Elven Fortress -Raid Boss = Sunmork Longhorn - Heine Village - Aligator Island