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  1. +1 la2dream is the unique c6 server decent
  2. bad server :D In la2dream, no1 can make bug... best server in the history
  3. Don't give trash to my work please All my customers they are satisfied with my work, HATER!
  4. this server have much fun man, only check it... ;)
  5. ppl are w8ing for faction server... and l2mafia is the best option... much ppl will join, regards
  6. does not give me things? never try it here... I know several who have received items from lovely aden server xD Do you want names? : D #shame
  7. no future project, anyway.. good luck!
  8. Web: www.l2gamers.cl Chronicle: Interlude Start: 04/01/19 +7000 players in g.o Rates EXP x75 SP x75 Enchants info's Safe: 4 Max: 16 Buffs Buffs slot: 24 + 4 (divine inspiration) Buff time: 2 hour All buff in NPC Olympiad Period: 7 days Max enchant +12 Time: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT -3 Siege Period: 7 days Castle reward Clan & Alliance Penalty: 1 hour Max: 3 clan per ALLY Max members: 40 Farm areas, raidbosses, unique freatures and much more on l2gamers.cl
  9. REALLY NICE SERVER Latin Community will join NOW!
  10. the best faction server in the world Dimis, good luck!!!
  11. haha u dont know about me, bro.. i never farm in any server, im not playing l2. bro dont speak more with me. For me you are a very sick person! I dont like dealing with people with misfortune, regards!
  12. really good server back! good luck
  13. haha you give me grief brother, I do not spend money on this garbage. Because I have a real life much more interesting. Do you know why I'm not interested in looking bad here? because I'm not interested in this kind of people. Be serious in this area, I think it's too much failure real life really xD, I can not imagine life so rare that they have, with their age. that's why I realized how are you and I suck an egg if I look bad. with respect, and giving my clear opinion ...! good life my best frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!!!!!!!!!! loviu<3333
  14. haha because u are important in this l2 world dude :D, they are more than 30 years old, and they talk like that, very pathetic