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  1. nice guyz, see all in l2sin
  2. [L2OFF] Lineage II Sin

    que grande papa, bien ahí en entrar locaso... nos vemos en el juego
  3. Latin Community *

  4. Latin Community *

    @Beast genial, estamos en contacto entonces :) Nasiferus es mi nick
  5. [L2OFF] Lineage II Sin

    so, all join? they say it will last 6 months minium, is the server of the year
  6. Latin Community *

    depende mucho el server, si nos copamos todos 25 aprox. somos 10-20 en los grupos de wp sumate crack! pasame por privado tu num y te agrego al grupo.. y sino mmejor a mi facebook, buscame Nasiferus en fb. Tengo una pagina y tambien una cuenta Nasiferus Garcia, ahi subo todos los servidores que jugamos... actualmente vamos por abre en unos dias saludos
  7. Pay (10-20 euros) advertise on facebook [Special acc l2] full friends from l2.
  8. [L2OFF] Lineage II Sin

    so... this is only the unique server serious for start this 2k18 to have fun see all in-game
  9. Hello community, This is my gameplay vs Titan class with PK, very simple. U can see my some videos in yt with paladin class for know better. Hope this can help you. Regards,
  10. Bro u can see in the video what augments i use, only attention.. and i open some times inventory so u can see my dyes... int +4 wit +4 and men -8 con +4 str -4 but i only use it on this servers, are different in others.. empo active i have, for use x2 nuke skills
  11. Latin Community *

    Se busca gente que quiera sumarse, saludos
  12. I have now, thanks @Dubxsion