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  1. comprate una pc guachin aguante macri
  2. Lot of wipes, always the same. Go lost time again!
  3. ULTRA shit server, full corruption, 2 week max life server, always the same not changes please... QUIT from l2 servers, people don't want donate more in your fail project
  4. latin community will join june 1 > la2dream.com
  5. why the name? :(
  6. Hello community I present my work They are 2 options (you can choose one or both) Advertise and Support YOUR SERVER LINEAGE II First... I am here to contribute something good to your project, to be positive and help you grow FULL ADVER FOR LATIN PPL [1] Theme advertise: Add to AdWords (google publicity) your server name I contact a lot ppl-players from Lineage 2 Interlude Game: I am owner dragonesnegros (Latin Community) Discord groups (17 groups reference l2 interlude clans, friends, cps, servers full spam) I am owner/member of groups facebook with 3-12k+ members in each one (topic: Lineage 2 Serves). I can sticky your server in some groups, change photos of groups too and Spam every day your Server I have special account in facebook for make advertise. I will send to all my contacts in private message your server and I will spam your server in all comments of l2. I have accounts for create topics/posts/replys/comments/reviews in l2hopzone & topzone & pmfun & l2jbrasil & l2network & maxcheaters & l2boom.net & top100arena.com/lineage2 & l2top.co & en.l2oops.com & l2top.com.br & topservers200.com/lineage2 & l2topg.org/lineage2-private-servers & gtop100.com/topsites/Lineage-2 [I can add your sever in some links - list servers] I will add your server info's (facebook) groups, comments, photos, videos We will maintain your topics and will bump them daily L2 Latins servers with contact players: l2latino.com (Vzla) - l2.gxzone.com (Arg) - l2gamers.cl (Chile) - l2servers.com.ar (Arg). - l2latin.com (Vzla) Advertise on VK groups, pages. (Latins/Russians) Mass activity on your own forum Special acc in Skype for only spam Spam on discord groups of L2 Add your server in L2devsadmin.net (latin community) Spam groups for skype and facebook We will post your server on every possible Lineage 2 Forum that is knowed (10+ L2 Forums) 4 Groups in Whats app about L2. (x4 clans Brasil&Venezuela&Argentina&Chile) Always x5 differentes systems on top servers for give full spam Benefit: Much of the l2 community (specially latin) will know the existence of your server with probabilities to enter. I can tell you for sure, that with my work your server will begin to divulge in the small world of l2. [2] Theme support: Translation work Spanish > English & English > Spanish I create account in the server forum/game/other contact for: Answer / help Latin&Spanish people. I will give you solutions to Spanish people. Personal skype or other social network for support spanish ppl (with the name of your server) In conclusion I will be support on your server... Benefit: - I will solve the problems with spanish ppl. Spanish ppl will be supported. Latest works / Reference (2016-2017-2018-2019) More 55+ servers / owners CONTACT Here MxC Forum (PM) Skype: Nasiferus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2server.interlude
  7. Hello community! I'm Nasiferus and I represent the latin community in Lineage 2 Servers. You think... How? Simply... have my social network (facebook only latin contacts), as well as I am in forums and I have contact with as many Latins as you can imagine. I also have contact with the leaders of the most important clans as well as the small clans (LATINS LATINS ONLY) <OWNER> OF THE BIG SIDE FOR LATINS [CONTACT] Skype: Nasiferus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2server.interlude Forum MxC