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  1. is the best il server with much ppl online dude
  2. Non, im supporting him... but i don't play more l2.. im bored be player only... now i want be part but out of play.. Hope you in-game baksteen!
  3. bro but i see some archers hiting to him 2-3k! so is easy boy! All ppl have chances here..!
  4. Is fast server bro! All ppl can take items in 2 days :P u are playing dude? !!
  5. 5 hours left guyz... w8ing for all!
  6. some hours for g.o!
  7. bro mafia is since 2006... have years working... and with new things, so don't write if u dont know
  8. l2 adrenaline ftw on there servers... this bot program destroy your economy server.. anyway good luck dude...
  9. yeah i know... but is better than others gve factions 2k18... i see some videos and freatures and looking nice...
  10. is very similar bro, u need try and take REAL fun.
  11. Hello all! Im here for say im back! Im back for help your server...! Im not playing.. and I will not play again. But I want to continue contributing to this small community. That's why if you have a server or project... I invite you to see this link: Contact: Skype: Nasiferus FB: https://www.facebook.com/l2server.interlude Or here MxC forum!
  12. Hello dude, I see nice project... but i need say u one thing. U need take 1k REAL ppl online in G.O for succes. I know all servers and only server with +++ online in the g.o succes. So if u will don't take 1k real online players in g.o, don't open. My opinion, my real opinion... gL