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  1. +100 maybe is moment for change the game edit*: i try cs go, full cheat game xd!
  2. all know when celestine or iordanov play any server = corrupt and ppl leave. but this is not important... I tell you in one word ... " A D R E N A L I N E " you know.. this program it destroys the servers with the features you present.. it's typical, it happens permanent. and whatever you say, you do not have the solution to this. more in an x15. Good luck .. you'll need it!
  3. hahaha keep talking to me, what a ugly guy... my last words for you unadapted yeah bro, but he have real problems in real life, hard problems... and it feels so bad that he spits it out in the forum.. achylek you are a disgrace dude
  4. i never say your nick, you dont have friends really. dont talk with me please!
  5. haha, put nasiferus in yt or join to l2damage, l2warland and play vs me in olys... i never see pro soultaker win vs duelist, tyrant, domi, or my best class pp. u play on c4 only, really bad
  6. bro? why lost money in this? (is my opinion) x5 rates really? 3min buff, 5 min for premium accounts, OMG man! max 10 ppl in your server first day
  7. u want create video from c6 with soultaker in olys? maybe u win vs archers, daggers mmm
  8. hello bro, yeah this is a big problem for latins... in these servers normal players no use battleping, if any have ping/delay automatic leave server, because ppl cant play i recommend u proxys, or talk with other companys about this! Regards! If u need spanish support, contact me on skype: Nasiferus
  9. yeah i try it in server without protections and are working :D maybe is keylogger :P thanks for answers!
  10. Hello community, I want to know if this is working on the current servers (decent servers) PHX - Gold bar exploits - Enchant 100% (for ex: lol, what is this? this: more hacks here: but idk if are working.... who know? :P
  11. nice video bro! maybe in c6 not are good necro vs ty, ol, eva, sumon, titan, duelist.. no chance