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  1. low online i advertised only in mxc waitting approval from hopzone/topzone
  2. download the patch i fixed the problem https://www.dropbox.com/s/s426w9zr7r2uwrm/L2Paranoid%20Updater.rar
  3. no is free shared codes..why to code somethink that's allready exists? if you want to talk about my private work i have to notice you that im the creator of the first private god server l2evidence that's all.
  4. 18:00 +2 gtm check the timer on website private source project back to 2008-09 from my first server l2emerland/l2justice/l2sharp,thank you allready answered about pack.thank you
  5. Server opening in 3 hours ..im waiting approval from hopzone/topzone
  6. Welcome to Lineage ][ Paranoid Custom PVP Server L][Paranoid is a Lineage II Private Server (Based in L2J project) special created for FuLL PvP Combat Mode with Special features and Easy Farm and 100% Enchant Rates. Any doubts please contact our support! Server World Features We are an L2J INTERLUDE server. Rates: XP 9000x / SP 2000x / Adena 2000x / Spoil Rate 1.5x - A-beep-t 5x / Drops 5x. -== Custom Staff ==- [*]Start Up System(level up you to 80 lvl and give you the basic equipement free [*]Captcha Anti Bot System [*]Enchant Anti-Click [*]Custom PVP Area [*]10
  7. the graphics created for one server.you can create your own .