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Found 21 results

  1. Hello I would like to preview a special LOGO design for a priavte server project. Feel free to share Your comment, opinion and ideas to enhance my workflow. FOR MORE, CHECK MY DeviantART HERE Additional information: PS + AI 61 overall layers, overall 5-6h of work, based & evolved on simple sketch idea. Take care, Ave
  2. Hello members of maxcheaters and not only!! We all know that Lineage 2 does not support a full alphabet! I thought to create 2 new alphabets with all the letters and some other custom letters like [ II , . ] They took me a lot of time but here they are , free for everyone!! Purple Club Version: Silver Metallic Version: Download Purple Club Download Silver Metallic
  3. Hello I would like to preview a special LOGO design for a priavte server project. Feel free to share Your comment, opinion and ideas to enhance my workflow. Additional information: PS + 3D, AI 56 overall layers, overall 5-6h of work, based&evolved on simple sketchup idea. EDIT: Added higher resolution preview image. Take care, Ave
  4. Hello everyone, If you need someone to work on your NPC's you can send me a PM My Services: NPC Html Design from scratch. Re-design NPC's in order to make them look more presentable. Fix any problems you may have with NPC's. Add custom scripts to your NPC's. Custom icons and images for your NPC's. NPC's with html+core edit. Chronicle Support: Interlude Payment Method: Paysafecard , Bank Account HTML Designs I've been working on lately: STARTUP SYSTEM by Baggos* Lineage 2 Letters - Logos Facebook NPC (design) Other NPC HTML Designs HTML Designs & Backgrounds *Gm Shop (for sale) *Vote Manager (for sale)
  5. Helo Guys! Are you looking for Launcher Update to your server? Then we can help you, Archaic Design works with exclusive models of Launchers Updates Maximum use of broadband, providing a much faster download Unique design, adjusting the launcher to your site (colors, textures, buttons etc ..) Facilitated payment via PayPal Delivery within 24 hours You receive a "sample" of the design of your Launcher before production, as well will be able to modify, add or remove something that has not pleased. Here is a sample of how you can be your Launcher Update All this for only = USD 30,00 Contact by MP or Skype= l2darkfurions
  6. Hello guys i create this buttons in my free time! If you want to use them just pm me ! is FREE! cu in my next share!
  7. Photoshop mastering 2# {My PSD pack for your inspiration} Hello, guys! In a fact, I am kinda busy right now. So I decided to upload few of my PSD's. It is uploaded on our czech deposit web, but you shouldn't have problem with downloading :-) If you like any effect/layer from my PSD's, feel free to drag them to your work. Use various combinations. You can also see how is done background for example, or how I color my signatures. Next part of my tutorial will be "How to find a perfect stock - basics about stock photos, how to place them properly and what stock photos are denied. Photoshop Mastering: 1# All things you should know 2# My PSD pack for your inspiration ◄ 3# How to find a perfect stock (comming soon) Part 1 - How to download PSD's First, when you open the download ling, press the yellow button "STÁHNOUT" (that means DOWNLOAD in czech, btw :-) Than, enter the code, click the button again and save it to your PC. Part 2 - My signature,s which was popular in community (click image for download) Part 3 - {BONUS} My C4D pack to create good looking effects :-)
  8. Hi.. I need as soon as possible FACADE called the subject captured by DzinerStudio. Who Has please publish it. Thanks.
  9. Dear MXC users, Back in 2014 I wanted to upgrade the design of one of my non-profit pet-rescue website. When I was looking for designers, I decided to pick xDrac, which seemed to be promising due to his massive reputation, production and the fact that he said he also does projects not related to gaming, seemed promising at first glance. So I paid him 150 euros, kept waiting, let him have all the time in the world because of his trustful reputation, until one day he disappeared with the money, unbeliveable uh? For people wishing to read the full story, please visit my post on his topic: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/106835-professional-graphic-web-design-websites-banners-logos-forums-anything/page-20?do=findComment&comment=2447667 Now to the point, I cannot allow my self to lose more money from that non-profit organization, the loss of 150euro was really hard for us, because we got many better ways to spend the money on rather than attempting to find a design, and hope not to get scammed again. So if there's anyone of you willing to contribute, a logo, a cover photo for facebook, a new title or a whole web design PSD, we will be really happy to accept it (note we only interested in graphic designs, we do the coding ourselves). In exchange we will put credits back to you and your gallery on our website, aswell as we might make a deal about money - but we give money only after we receive the design. Our site main language is not english, but we got an english version which you can view: http://petpal.co.il/en/ Please contact me on skype: sahar.ati or email sahar.petpal@gmail.com Best Regards, Sahar, Pet Pal.
  10. - Разработка статических и анимированых баннеров; (Creating static and animated banners); - Создание логотипов, кнопок, прочих элементов... (Design, logos , buttons , other elements)... - Оформление в соц. сетях: VK, YouTube, Instagram, прочее... (Decor in social networks: VK, YouTube, Instagram, ofher)... Цена договорная the price of the contract
  11. Hello people, i have 6 years now i learn PS i say "learn" because everyday i learn new things, my work is HQ and my prices too cheap because i know everyone have problems , like me :) So you can see below what i can do ! • Service • Full website Design + Coding Banner Design Logo Design Animation Design 3D Design Flyer Design Background Design Forum Design Rework in website - forum Coding Service HTML/PHP/JavaScripts/WordPress Anything else if is not on the list can be requested ! • Contact • Send me private messenge here ! "I don't want to share my skype because randoms will be add me" • Portfolio • From 2015 i start new season with new designs so from now all new designs i will share here. #1: • Old Portfolio • Some old works , is not all 100% by me some of them help and my brother.
  12. Greetings Maxcheaters! Let me introduce to you Sector V, he's been doing video editing for good amount of time right now and he would like to sells his work to a community like this one. Some Examples: Call of Duty (NEW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ger6Yb-aXMA Call of Duty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9skjwDiSZRc&list=UUWgApJmRJDB6DdpA7ie6K League of Legends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhj6ejQJMaI&list=UUWgApJmRJDB6DdpA7ie6Ksw Call of Duty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyLgI9J8Hs&list=UUWgApJmRJDB6DdpA7ie6Ksw&index=5 Lineage Promotional Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DYOa3CYSTw Call of Duty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrdCuGwwvpo&list=UUWgApJmRJDB6DdpA7ie6Ksw&index=3 Discuss prices with him on skype: xrhstos.tsakouridis
  13. This is my own creation and i would like to know your feedback guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7a9_V0_9gw p.s not sure if it is the right section :D
  14. Website : http://balrogdesign.eu (beta) My Skype : pilitsakos I am ready to work as Adobe Dreamweaver Developer and I will feel proud to be a part of your team.i have been working for many years with Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop and consider myself an expert. I have spent a significant part of my career also working as a Design Advertise Producer and a Design Animation. I also have considerable experience in the areas of Lgoo Design and Web Design. If hired by you I will deliver my work to the highest quality. I am ready to be hired by you. You can see here what i can do : Website Design PSD Full website design with coding in HTML/CSS Banner Design Logo Design Flyer Design Business Card Design Animation Design PSD to HTML service Edits & Changes Anything else can be requested.
  15. I want to show you something of his humble creation.
  16. Hello i am requesting a guide about How to create a decent Lineage 2 Updater design. Avo sells for 20 or 30 euros but this is a big amount to pay for me , and i am willing to learn about the proceedure. any help would be appreciated , thanks in advance everyone ! :)
  17. Hello guys, i need a client developer, but not for textures or effects. I need one guy can make other encriptation number, and people can't open ".dat" files because file edit not have this encripation. And if have knowledge, to make custom anti bot, we have one person java programmer in L2 and one person C++ programmer but not know about L2, is for seriously proyect. Thanks for read. Cya! ^-^ Srry for bad english :-[
  18. Καλησπέρα παίδες, Είμαι νέος στο site, οπότε καλώς σας βρίκα. Γραφίστας απαγγέλομαι, γνωρίζω άψογα Photoshop, πολύ καλό Flash, και άλλα προγράμματα. Φτίαχνω bannerakia, avatars, GIFάκια, splash arts, logos, newsletters, έχω και γνώσεις από Web Designing. Και όλα αυτά σε καλές τιμές. Όποιος ενδιαφέρετε ασ' μου στείλει, του φτιάχνω κάτι που θέλει, κι αν του αρέσει, γίνεται το νταλαβέρι. :D
  19. Hello a friend plan to open big project soon and he needs awesome design for this server.. Private message me His bugdet is quite good.. Only serious offers and trusted guys
  20. We've scoured the web to present you with a fine and varied selection of free fonts. Including scripts, serifs, and a range of ligatures, these fonts will give you greater flexibility in your designs, and add to your arsenal of design tools. Some of these free fonts can be used on your web projects, but check the terms. And if you're looking at a quick primer on using web fonts, we explain all here. So, without further ado, join us as we present you with 10 of the best free fonts, which you can download and use today. Let us know how you get on! 01. Dense Dense currently only comes in Regular but there'll be more weights to follow. One of our favourite free fonts to recently surface, Dense is a versatile, elegant, geometric and compact sans-serif typeface. Three weights have been created thus far: thin, regular and bold. Created by by Canadian artist Charles Daoud, Regular is currently the only weight available, but Daoud has said that he'll update his Behance page with news on how to get the other weights in the near future. FORMAT: TTF 02. Chrome Light Chrome Light can be used for any type of personal work Created by London-based graphic designer Artem Sukhinin, Chrome light is available in two variations, Chrome and Chrome Black, with a full set of letters, numbers and four punctuation marks. This is one of those free fonts that can be used for any type of graphic design - print, web, packaging and more. FORMAT: TTF 03. Higher Higher comes in both TTF and OTF formats Created by Portugal-based graphic designer Marissa Passos, free font Higher was made as a student project during her time at the University of Porto. The typeface contains a full set of uppercase characters and numbers 0-9. It's free for both personal and commercial use, and available in OTF and TTF formats. Format: OTF and TTF 04. Look Up Filiz Sahin creates another brilliant free font New York based interactive designer and illustrator Filiz Sahin is quickly becoming known for her free fonts. Often experimenting with an array of different techniques, her fonts are as versatile as her own design style. Look Up is one of the most playful free fonts on our list, with a home-made feel, with little arrows at the edge of each letter. Format: TTF 05. Woodwarrior Woodwarrior is a typeface inspired by the north, and the contrast between modern man made structures and untouched nature shaped by wind and ice alone. Created by designer Anton Bohlin, Woodwarrior is one of those free fonts that's perfect for experimental headlines and eye-catching straps. Format: TTF 06. Fenix Graphic designer Fernando Diaz describes this entry to our free fonts as a "serif typeface designed for display and long texts, its foundations are based in calligraphy, with strong serifs and rough strokes. Its proportions seek to gain space in height and width. Fénix is elegant at large sizes and legible at the same time, with a lot of rhythm in small sizes." FORMAT: OTF 07. Woodshop Earlier this year, Pennsylvania-based graphic designer Nick Slater released this Woodshop typeface, which he generously offers as a free download. The slab font comes complete with a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. FORMAT: OTF 08. Quirky nots Toronto based typographer Amit Jakhu created this fun and playfully unique typeface for his Typography 6 class. He released it as one of the hundreds of free fonts out there, because he wouldn't have further developed it after finishing college - and we couldn't thank him enough! It was a huge learning curve for Jakhu and we think he's done a great job for a first timer. He's happy for you to modify it, share it and basically do whatever you want with it. It is fully available to use anywhere; no restrictions! FORMAT: TTF 09. Vincent Vincent was developed by graphic and product designer for NBC Universal Ben Suarez. Created at the end of last year, this vintage-inspired design was Suarez's first fully functioning typeface, and is a great addition to our free fonts. "Vincent was intended to be used as a title font," explains Suarez. It was "named after my grandfather who drove a '76 Chrysler Cordoba and smoked out of an old wooden pipe. He was rad." FORMAT: TTF 10. BoB Inspired by the playful asethics of illustration, Burma-based typographer Zarni has created this cool and characterful font. This kind of typography is perfect for experimentation and will work wonders on posters and headlines. Coming in capital and lower case letters, BoB also includes numerical symbols as well as a variety of punctuation marks. As free fonts go it has plenty of uses - just be sure to show Zarni some love. FORMAT: TTF
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