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  1. Dear MXC users, Back in 2014 I wanted to upgrade the design of one of my non-profit pet-rescue website. When I was looking for designers, I decided to pick xDrac, which seemed to be promising due to his massive reputation, production and the fact that he said he also does projects not related to gaming, seemed promising at first glance. So I paid him 150 euros, kept waiting, let him have all the time in the world because of his trustful reputation, until one day he disappeared with the money, unbeliveable uh? For people wishing to read the full story, please visit my post on his topi
  2. Edimax , we sure understand the situation and we do our best to protect the server for the long term. we need the cummunity support at the moment our goal is 100 likes in our FB Page to upload the website.. then we start massive advertising
  3. Classic Server is under development and will be open for CBT soon for Europe in English ! The Website is currently under construction. This post is to get the community to support us with this Project. what do you need to do ? Simple ! Like and Share us on FB : https://www.facebook.com/L2RivalC we will update the FB Page from time to time with more info about the server Stay Tuned ! https://www.facebook.com/L2RivalC
  4. 100% trusted and helpful but rates are rather high compared to other traders I used.
  5. Scammer profile: http://www.maxcheaters.com/user/74165-xdrac/ Proofs: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/106835-professional-graphic-web-design-websites-banners-logos-forums-anything/page-20?do=findComment&comment=2447667
  6. Do not purchase anything from this guy, he scammed me, simple as that, seems like when you gather too much reputation you start throw sh1t on your customers. I paid this guy 150e for a graphic design about 1.5 months ago, all the time he delayed me over and over with big variety of exceuses, but since he is trusted by the community I kept waiting, until I opened a dispute, he started convincing me that he wants to continue working on the project and that I should clsoe it, after I did, he continued to delay me over and over and now I cannot claim back the money, he ignores most of my messages
  7. Introduction: Emerald Network includes lineage 2 private servers. It is based on L2J and simulates official gameplay and formulas. L2 Order VS Chaos: Gameplay is based on PvP fights and Teamwork. In order to become top player you will need to co-oparate and win battles! If you like killing other players and become top PVP player this is the place for you! L2 Rival: Gameplay is based on hunting monsters, killing bosses and some PvP just like the old days. you can get gear by killing monsters and crafting, you can buy up to C-grade items at GM-shop, use the assistance of the NPC
  8. Have you played L2 Destiny long time ago and you miss these times when uncustomized server were fun to play? PvP was just awesome , Sieging has its adrenaline surge , and killing raid wasnt just a simple task? from the creators of L2 Order VS Chaos , we glad to announce the reborn of L2 Rival ! Note : We are still considering most of the features our server is going to have, so this topic will be updated often with new features or changes to existing ones, make sure to check it from time to time! G.O 25/10/14 * Exp: 15x * SP: 15x * Party exp: 1.5x * Party SP: 1x * Adena: 30x (chan
  9. Tyvm :) Server is going to open tomorrow ! 500+ players expected no wipes and protected server No donations for items !
  10. unfortunatly you are wrong :) we have / had no custome items so you confusing us with other server. we hate starwars servers. as we said oldschool gameplay experience.
  11. L2 Rival Promotion Clip has been Revealed!
  12. Opening date will be during next month , the exact date will be announce soon.
  13. Update : * Lowered GM-Shop to Until C-Grade. * Lowered XP / SP rates to x15.