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  1. Hello guys, i have probem i want to use autoattack on pvp, but for me its not working not responding anything... i don't understand why. I want to when enemy hit you, he autoattack whit bow and run from enemy
  2. Hey, i make song lyrics for l2j acis in one hour like orginal song "everyday bro" Lyrics is make no sense like in orginal song, so its supposed to be like this. And please stop hating me:) YA Y'all can't handle this Y'all don't know what's about to happen baby Acis L2j Java, java boy But I'm not from Greece, im maxcheaters boy It's everyday bro, with the Acis Bugs flow 5 mill bugs fixed in 6 years, never done before We pass all the competition man, l2 retail is next Man I'm poppin' all these checks, got a brand new skills formula And I done new rev too and with a new crew This i
  3. 1. I am not idiot, 2. I am using l2-script Gameguard, 3. JavaLord yes you 100% correct he says to all his customers they idiots. Finally someone said true, that not me event know .
  4. nvm after that topic no one try to help me anymore Manage fixs myself: if(npc.isRaid()) { final L2Skill skill = Rnd.get(defaultList); if (cast(skill, dist, skill.getCastRange())) return; } can lock :)
  5. Hello, I want ask, I want to know how to make NPC use skill any range, because now if skill have 900range, he not cast skill if player in 100range, how to make he cast 900range skill in 100range also. like debuffs.
  6. Maybe go to your JavaLord and go suck his nuts instead posting nonsense? Because real JavaLord, not show up, hiding behind his minions and scared to answered my question, because they 100% true.
  7. Yes its true, I expect from others server developers(because they do not like competition), but JavaLord himself, it's too much.... He owns great project, he supposed to help newbie server developers, but instead that he call them idiots, he call mine question idiots, and I ask him why? he call me idiot..... If you do not like question just ignore, but instead JavaLord ignore me, he call me idiot.(Nobody likes to be called idiot) If you don't know something or you do not understand java, you do not deserve to be called idiot.......
  8. Ok ok ok, but you call everyone idiots, every smartguard every l2-script customers idiots. what about that?
  9. Hello, I am want to speak about JavaLord Tryskell, I was on discord channel about 1month. Basically, i asking a question, related to Lineage 2 nothing else, but because of that got huge hate. I ask Tryskell, why this channel made? he says for me asking questions. In Forum says: Discord is a mix between Teamspeak and Skype, reachable from generic application, web and phones. It can be used for fast chat, getting fast answers, speaking about project, etc. The use is, for now, experimental. Because I'm asking question everyone in channel hate me. I am also speaking about the project and aski
  10. Where turn off? how turn off only in this npc?
  11. Hello, I want to ask I have the VIP buffer, but problem when I use fast he goes off, you need click again on buffer. Maybe there fix for that? Code: https://pastebin.com/pArtJV8U Video in youtube: