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  1. Hi mate, please give me prices for your buffers on Eglobal 7x Grafia Final. U accept paypal? thx
  2. WTS Duelist char on 120x L2 Neo (Interlude, Buffer, GM shop up to B grade) - IC set +4 - TLM Heavy set +6 - S duals +4 passive Recharge - TTS set +4 - 14 Donate Medals - Antharas Slayer Circlet - Nobless - Color nick Price: $40
  3. Draconic Bow +4 +focus (15€) MJ leather set (7€) TTS set +3 (10€) Purchase exclusive pack for 30€ = DB, MJ set, TTS set and Romantic Chapeau hat. Everything sold
  4. Hello. Today I'm gonna present one sweet, strong and ready-to-pvp char for you! No farm and no enchant need. Log in and fight. Over 60% m. critical chance. Info: Server: L2 Damage (Interlude PvP) Char: Mystic Muse Hero: Yes Max: +16 / donate +20 Equip: - DC robe set +20 - MA robe set +20 - full RB jewel set +20 - Tattoo of Damage Unique +20 - AM +20, passive Wild Magic - Active Wild Magic, Active Empower (only 1 passive + 1 active works on this server, wild magic is better) Other: 15k Greater CP 11x donator coin 360k adena (different economy system here) Over
  5. I would lover the size, blur the background, sharp the focal point. I rly like the lights, which are great (left side, right side and little bit arm) :-)
  6. This is not bad, but remember, that sizes are too big to be a signatures :-)
  7. Hello. My friend is going to build new PC. What do you think about this PC build? Could you offer another build with nVidia? Total price: 850 eur Case: Cooler Master Force 500 Graphic card: MSI AMD R9 280 GAMING 3G CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 CPU cooler: SilentiumPC Spartan PRO HE924 Motherboard: MSI Z97 PC Mate Source: Seasonic SSP-450 RT 450W Gold RAM: Kingston HyperX Savage 8GB (2x4GB) 1866MHz DDR3 Fan: ARCTIC F12 PWM Here is URL for basket in our czech website
  8. Photoshop mastering 2# {My PSD pack for your inspiration} Hello, guys! In a fact, I am kinda busy right now. So I decided to upload few of my PSD's. It is uploaded on our czech deposit web, but you shouldn't have problem with downloading :-) If you like any effect/layer from my PSD's, feel free to drag them to your work. Use various combinations. You can also see how is done background for example, or how I color my signatures. Next part of my tutorial will be "How to find a perfect stock - basics about stock photos, how to place them properly and what stock photos are
  9. This is the reason why 90% of servers have the same website. Lazy ppl :D If you like dagger on L2-c4 template, check this guy :-p
  10. Don't do that to me my friend :o There this light is smashing persons in background (so why they are there, if you wanted to focus on text?). My brain be like "after 2 mins of watching this picture, I can say that there is a dead girl with her blood splitted on the right bottom side (HEADSHOT), smiling guy with elven ears on the balcony and text cutted by "something". There are also transparent objects all over the sig. Result = jungle :p Try to work on that, or chose better stock. +1 for typo
  11. Please, don't create pictures from stock like this... It's totaly bad choice. (I mean this head) You should check my guide and read something (read all!) about signatures and pictures similar to it. It will be better for you to know important things about composition, effects etc.