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Found 18 results

  1. WTS Adena/Rur's on L2 Rpg-Club [PEACE H5 x7] Stock: Rpg-Club PEACE H5 x7: ~1kkk Price: The best, Pm Me Payments via paypal If you buying a lot adena will be special bonus for you or price very good :happyforever: Message Me or pm here (I use Skype, MSN, ICQ or E-mail) Contact: I got all adena in legal way farming etc. Other servers where I sold some adena: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/144463-adena-on-l2-official-polish-server-lilith-x1-10kk-05-euro/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/114805-wts-adena-on-l2-ws-x5-h5-off-100kk-5-eurovesper-heavy
  2. WTS Adena/Rur's on L2 Rpg-Club [PEACE H5 x7] Stock: Rpg-Club PEACE H5 x7: ~1kkk Price: The best, Pm Me Payments via paypal or normal bank If you buying a lot adena will be special bonus for you or price very good :happyforever: Message Me or pm here (I use Skype, MSN, ICQ or E-mail) Contact: Other servers where I sold some adena: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/114805-wts-adena-on-l2-ws-x5-h5-off-100kk-5-eurovesper-heavy-leather-robe-set/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/112348-wts-adena-on-l2-dreams-destiny-x10-gf-100kk-5-euro/ You can s
  3. List will be updated added stuff/removed stuff: ALL CHARS ARE MANUALLY LEVELED & ALL ADENA/EQUIP LEGIT! Warcryer lvl 56+ (full skills researched) It comes with Divine Robe set C grade Jewlery It have many xp scrolls 30% 100 € SOLD FOR 90 EUROS Blade Dancer lvl 58+ (Full skill researched) It comes with Zubei Heavy set C grade jewlery Dual C grade with Iss lvl 7 It have also some xp scrolls 30% 130 € Phantom Ranger lvl 60+ (Full skills researched) Can come with equip or without Equip. 100 € Equip & Items for sale: Doom Light Set Plate
  4. HELLO! I'm selling Adena on L2Evoke server! Cheapest price always!(i'm opened for negotiations =)) DISCOUNTS FOR BIGGER AMOUNTS if u found cheaper i'll make better offer O0 More info on Skype: ivstavrev (j0NZEE) Accept ONLY Here you can see my feedback: =====
  5. WTS Adena 1 bil =3,8eur (Current Stock: 22b) WTS Saga Coins 1saga coin=0,8 Eur (150 Sagga coins for sell right now) New Items Added!! Vorpal Light/Heavy/Robe +6 set full attrilvl7 WTS Duelist +22 skills+ olf+6 + Noblesse WTS Bishop +18skills Noblesse clean olf WTS Dominator +20 Skills Noblesse Services Price can be negotiated. Instant Services. 1) Noblesse char =5euro (fast delivery ,in less than 10mins u got it) 2)Full attribute any armor set 3)Foundation any armor set 4) LvL Up Main/Subs 5)Enchant at skills (price is big and not negotiable) Pay
  6. Hello, selling Cheap Riot Points Trusted & Safe INBOX MORE INFO! Many costumers bought from here you can check my previus topics Payment : Paysafe Payment : Paypal Verified http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/197687-sell-cheap-riot-points-east-region/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/195796-sell-cheap-rpriot-points-on-eune-server/ April Sales
  7. Adena for sell: HAS BEEN SOLD. Items for sell: +6 blessed eternal robe set recovery type 3x120 HAS BEEN SOLD +6 specter dualsword body 300 HAS BEENSOLD +4 seraph heavy set attack type 3x120 HAS BEEN SOLD !!HOT!! Accounts for sell: Main healer 100 / Dual Iss 99 HAS BEEN SOLD Main iss 100 / Dual healer 87 for more info click here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/201788-wts-iss-100-16-ap-on-core HAS BEEN SOLD
  8. HELLO! I'm selling Adena on http://www.l2injustice.com/ If you are intrested, add me on SKYPE: adena.sell3 Accept ONLY Here you can see my feedback: =====
  9. HELLO! I'm currently selling Adena on L2TALES Cheapest price always! 40b+ in stock 1b=0.55€ More info on Skype: gotsky555 Accept ONLY Here you can see my feedback: =====
  10. ★★ LoL Ref Market - Ref Service 2.0 ★★ [Cheap ✓ Fast ✓ Trusted ✓] System : Online Status : Customer In Process Queue Time : 0 Days Features - Referrals using unique IP and HWID when account create and when play with accounts in game. - Accounts made with real informations. - Information about order status on skype real-time. Delivery Time - 0-100 Refs are done in 12-15 hours. - 100-150 Refs are done in 24 hours (1 day). * 150 Refs per day Announcements - For orders and information website is opened. - Hardware improved. - System got SSD ! [31.01.2014] - Second machine ac
  11. Price lowest than offers here. I'm trusted guy here and I'm looking for the same guys. Add me on skype: theone22401
  12. Selling: Aeore Healer: 15 euros 90/85/75 Nobl R grade Items Robe+Heavy+Light set Mage weapon with SA Half attribute on armor Bunch of shots R grade Wyn Summoner: 5 euros 86 R grade items R Bow R light set Bunch of shots R grade Sigel Knight: 15 euros 90/75 R grade items Many mentee coins On all accounts you need to change email if you wanna use it No fixed price for any of this chars, you can also order a char from 0 or to get your own char power leveled. All can be arranged. Transactions only via moneybookers! https://www.skrill.com
  13. Hello and welcome to my accounts shop! :poker face: I would like to sell few of my league of legends accounts here. All of the accounts are with email adress and never been banned! 1st Account: EU West Gold 5 114 Champions 56 Skins - some of them are very rare definitly not blitzcrank, eternum nocturn, aether wing kayle,[/size] zombie ryze, noxus poppy, leopard nidalee and much more![/size] 6 Rune pages , Full runes[/size] 2nd Account: EU West lvl 30 Silver 3 96 Champions 4 Rune pages , alot of runes 50+ Skin , Many Rare, Legendaries and Ultimate Pulsefire ezreal
  14. Hello MxC! I Would like to inform you that i sell Votes on Lineage II Topsites Topsite List *GameSites 200, *HopZone, *TopServer200br, *Top100Arena, *Mmorpgtoplist, *Top.l2jbrasil Under Development -TopZone [80% Done] -L2top.ru -mmotop.ru Packages : 1. 1000 Votes = 50 Euro 40 Euro 2. 2000 Votes = 90 Euro 80 Euro 3. 3000 Votes = 130 Euro 120 Euro 4. 4000 Votes = 150 Euro Contact Skype : Kingofchaos92 Or private message me
  15. Hello guys, I am diamond player currently offering elo boosts for really affordable prices. Few things to say first, i am not part of some team or group that's doing jobs, its just me, and thats the reason for low prices, i dont have to share payment with anyone. If you are not finding me trustworthy enough i will accept payment in two parts, 50% amount before and 50% of it after the job, i think thats the fair way to do it for both you and me. That being said, here are the prices: BRONZE BRONZE V - BRONZE IV 8 EU BRONZE IV - BRONZE III 8 EU BRONZE III - BRONZE II 8 EU BRON
  16. Hello all after 4 years i want to sell my account not because im bored playing lol, because i just need the money... many problems with family and my life. yes i sell it for money!! i need so plz if someone know some friends or others want to buy it, tell them. Thank you. and i f u want to know if im trusted. im here many years. and too many members from mxc know me and if someone want the acc i can tell them to contact with u. i can use middle man or whatever u want. i just need the money cus us i told u i have big prob with economy. sorry for my English. so about my acc. --
  17. Hi all. My friend is selling Elo-boost services. Main Lane : ADC. S3 Tier : Diamond 2 EUW Pm me for proofs. Prices Per Tier: Bronze Divisions: 7euro each Silver Divisions: 12euro each Gold division: 22 euro each Division boosting means: Gain 100LP + 3 Promotion games ->For example From Bronze V To Bronze IV You can also get boosted only in promotion games. Prices Per Promotion: Division Promotion (3 Games): Bronze: 2 euro Silver: 4 Euro Gold : 8 euro Tier Promotion (5 Games): Bronze to Silver Promotion Series: 6 Euro Silver To Gold
  18. Hello. Because of a discussion I had today, I'd really like to see what's the member considered as the most trusted around on MaxCheaters. The guys I added are the ones that in my opinion are the most active in the markeplace of MxC. If you have anyone else in your mind let me know. Also, it would be nice if you could let some feedback in case you had deals with someone. This topic would help people know who're really trusted in forum and avoid getting scammed. Let's see. :) Below I will leave a few words about those guys. magaki13 Member since 2007, started many successful proj