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    Advertising & SEO Services.
  1. Seems interesting, i will join to check it out :)
  2. I'm thinking on working on a new clean project, hiring a developer of course and starting to do the job done. The thing is that i'm looking for opinions,i'm trying to hit the most possible online users. My idea is an Interlude | Mid Rate | Main currency adena | No custom server. What do you think? Let me know with your opinions.
  3. Hmm, okay is there anyway to make your ip address spoofed? if i said it correctly.. so i send the packets through somekind of another ip address so the ddos air?
  4. It would be cool if anyone gave more information on this topic, i know someone more experienced will find the IP Address anyway's but for the newbies ddos attackers it will work great. So does anyone know how to encrypt the ip address or hide it in some kind of .dll? for interlude or h5.
  5. Because you "saw" my fb advertising doesn't mean it's the only thing i do..
  6. I don't think you are right. If you don't provide proofs you shouldn't leave a post like this.
  7. Well, before someone buy's my services i tell them what i actually do, it's their choice if the wanna buy or not. If you wanna see exactly what i do add me on skype and i'll tell you
  8. Does the age matter so much? anyway add me on skype and tell me what you don't like about my services.
  9. Check this server out: http://www.l2dpn.eu
  10. Check this server out: http://www.l2dpn.eu