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  1. Recruting Started for New Innova Server
  2. *** RECRUITING SINGLE PEOPLES AND CONSTANT PARTY'S *** ---> Looking for people specifically for PVE , PVP, Epic Raids , SIEGES etc... !!! Clan Name: PandoRa Clan Leader: asKim/Julthor Alliance: DreamS Language: English Clan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pandora-Clan-1825649237696721/ Clan Stream: http://twitch.tv/asKimTV Clan Activity Focus: Sieges, Raids & Wars are the focus. Recruitment Requirements: Dont need kids, good english/romanian speaking, using TeamSpeak3 ***** PM / Mail / Whisper: asKim/Julthor or any PandoRa member for information! and skype: ihelleyesi***
  3. 1 DAY LEFT FOR BETA Join out forum for many PreOpening events and Permanent Events
  4. 2 DAYS LEFT FOR BETA SERVER! Come and Join our Beta Test! www.l2supreme.com
  5. New Preopening EVENTS and Permanent EVENTS are opened in forum and waiting for you guys
  6. raid drop will be lower on Live and about vitality we want to make little harder, not like all servers... to get everything fast and get bored after and about Cloaks: Goddes of Destruction Cloaks give P.def and attributes Heroic Cloaks give bit more then GOD
  7. website work's fine m8 and u have Feature tab for infos
  8. Server Details RATES Experience (EXP) 55x Skill Points (SP) 55x Adena 25x Spoil 20x General Drop 20x RaidBoss Drop 1x Manor 4x Quest Drop 2x Quest Reward 4x Fishing Drop 10x Vitality System 20x Clan Reputation Point 2x ENCHANTS Safe Enchant +3 Max. Enchant +12 Normal Scroll chance 60% Blessed Scroll chance 65% Elemental Max. Level Level 7 Elemental Stone chance 60% Elemental Crystal chance 55% CONFIGURATION Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2 Buffs, Dances,Songs Duration 2 hours Buff Slots 28+4+12 Max. Clients per PC 3 Olympiads Max. Enchant +6 Geodata and Pathnodes Sub-Class Max. Level
  9. 1 day left http://www.l2legend.ro we waiting for you tomorrow!