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  1. Server running smooth , nice features , no p2w perfect for Casual people solo or groups Not many cps arround lacking a bit players , but potential to become a long term server for people that dont have time to tryhard over and over again try it out yourself 🙂
  2. Here we go again , season 2 gonna be even better
  3. server is running in summer mode now , still alot of solo player small party's playing in summer to catch up to high lvl cp's. LONG TERM , NO MULTIBOX , NO P2W , ALMOST NO BOTS/RMT few events are running: https://mmoway.com/forum/topic/720-event-vanillas-squash-event/ https://mmoway.com/forum/topic/816-rookie-bonus-event-begin-your-journey-on-vanilla
  4. on beyond first +16 emi appeard out of nowhere, some people already quitted , once the big streamer quit server is done for good :D not much activity arround summer time after corona , but still some action , awaiting first sieges soon
  5. all remorse does is advertise for LU4 so they get more attention , which means also more money. this is one of the most promissing l2 projects out there , for years it was very silent , but u can see progress now. I really hope those russian succeed , they rly put work into a server, into smth new and unique.
  6. up , summer but still decent activity , in winter server will go crazy , prepare now
  7. up server growing ! no p2w ! no multi-box ! off 1.5 !
  8. some people prefer the old hardcore farm classic , then raid boss attempt or afk farm classic :) maybe 3.0 patch is more ur style :) overall server is solid , few bugs , not game breaking or economy breaking had some problems at start with ddos , survived it without downtime only short dc's will be long term server like club , hope donait stays as fair as it is. If ur looking for an old classic patch server that is not 5+ years old , this is ur best choice atm
  9. true we recently started , its rly worth , server has crazy online amount of people atm , there is hundreds of people at 60's , 65's , 70's and at 75's. (showing 65 bosses ) there is atleast as many newbies 60-75 lvl as people high lvl (in fraps) , future is bright , 4 sided pvp right now ( Deviate , RavenSoul , HDM , China ) and more newbies to come.
  10. updated levels , pm for price , only serious people thx