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  1. updated levels , pm for price , only serious people thx
  2. selling multiple top full geared accounts on official Essence EU RED Trickstar 81 Trickstar 80 Sagittarius 80 Saggitarius 79 Dominator 78 (highest lvl OL on server) Race 1 Cardinal 78 (highest lvl BP on server) Cardinal 75 almost 76 & more accounts to come Contact: PM or Scion#0624 on discord
  3. There is also difference in critic and flame , people so tired of him and he keep flaming and noone cares xd
  4. idk why u keep trying , who takes AchYlek in 2019 serious lul , its like joining a mouse server , you know what u get ur flaming every server xd
  5. move this to live section. Server having hard time , all day DDos alot of bugs (some got fixed) , community not giving up , pretty impressive for a kinda new project. Big potential but needs time
  6. pros: huge community from classic mid and interlude mid not p2w ( as least promised) , no belts, No pendants, No elemental resources, No hats or anything with stats. cons: files are full bugged like usual , supreme trying to fix them since 2015 xd usual full buff x15 server lets see how long it lasts , but will be for sure fun first days :)
  7. yes its java , and prolly as successfull as last 3 try xd
  8. hopeing next server will be classic , the client is the biggest problem of the server imo. still gl u derserve to succeed
  9. Change ur name, skelth is bad choice
  10. Gl this time, hope people realise how much work u put in this
  11. Innova prolly launches after summer EU Essence server NcWest hopefully never launches NA Essence , classic was huge fail Essence is not for everybody - are u that type of guy that plays alot with ur cp or clan like GvG or mass pvp , u better go for classic - are u that type of guy that wanna spend 20$ and play a few hours daily/weekly and still pvp , u try Essence I played Essence ru myself after playing alot of classic , i didnt like it that much , on side effect its huge p2w , u NEED to pay to pvp , otherwise people 2 shot you and you reach c grade at lvl 60-70 , while others have +7 c items at lvl 20 equipped.
  12. 3 breaks and 3 servers later server is still not rdy !! Supreme if you rly want to open a succesfull classic private . focus on 1.5 - zaken patch , everything afterwards sucks and is the reason why people stopped. so incase u dont just wanna sell servers and actually open one , pls focus on 1.5 - zaken , this is pvp fun and not instance shit with pvp only at daily bosses and every 2 weeks at sieges
  13. its 240 votes you guys fight about ,server both dead before start. whoever waste time on any of this of mouse , stalonka , skylord servers cannot be helped just like the people that still rejoining valhalla and eglobal xd even djvogas server are better...