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  1. I expect best java files arround dex always had best files avaible / true classic off files not avaible yet (only modded H5) hopefully its not that much p2w compared to mouse 10 servers anyway gl vogans u can only do better then the others, it wont be easy to success tho
  2. classic x5

    dont go , there is not a single worth private classic and there wont be any soon , dex sadly only got 1.5 files
  3. [L2J] Playinera

    keep it up good admin team
  4. collapse of l2 money grabbers xd we all know those clans and admins both just play for the money over and over again and slowly the community is gonna die. RIP
  5. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    well first mouse then skylord collapse of l2 money grabbers u will never run again a decent popluated server
  6. we sell our cp gear !!! Update 28.11.2017 / Last Bump: everything we got for 10$ pls leave a review !! 2x lvl 73 spellsinger lvl 74 warlord lvl 76 Shillien Templar lvl 77 Archmage (all lvl 2 talismans) BW Heavy Set Donait Coins Lance with Sigel lvl 8 Discord: Scion#0624 | pm Trades ONLY with PAYPAL avaible after 6pm GMT+1
  7. another open and close russian private classic fake counter will stay online 1-2 weeks then reopen Without wipes. Warranty 6+ months. LOL