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  1. There is also difference in critic and flame , people so tired of him and he keep flaming and noone cares xd
  2. idk why u keep trying , who takes AchYlek in 2019 serious lul , its like joining a mouse server , you know what u get ur flaming every server xd
  3. move this to live section. Server having hard time , all day DDos alot of bugs (some got fixed) , community not giving up , pretty impressive for a kinda new project. Big potential but needs time
  4. pros: huge community from classic mid and interlude mid not p2w ( as least promised) , no belts, No pendants, No elemental resources, No hats or anything with stats. cons: files are full bugged like usual , supreme trying to fix them since 2015 xd usual full buff x15 server lets see how long it lasts , but will be for sure fun first days :)
  5. yes its java , and prolly as successfull as last 3 try xd