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  1. yes its java , and prolly as successfull as last 3 try xd
  2. hopeing next server will be classic , the client is the biggest problem of the server imo. still gl u derserve to succeed
  3. Change ur name, skelth is bad choice
  4. Gl this time, hope people realise how much work u put in this
  5. Innova prolly launches after summer EU Essence server NcWest hopefully never launches NA Essence , classic was huge fail Essence is not for everybody - are u that type of guy that plays alot with ur cp or clan like GvG or mass pvp , u better go for classic - are u that type of guy that wanna spend 20$ and play a few hours daily/weekly and still pvp , u try Essence I played Essence ru myself after playing alot of classic , i didnt like it that much , on side effect its huge p2w , u NEED to pay to pvp , otherwise people 2 shot you and you reach c grade at lvl 60-70 , while others have +7 c items at lvl 20 equipped.
  6. 3 breaks and 3 servers later server is still not rdy !! Supreme if you rly want to open a succesfull classic private . focus on 1.5 - zaken patch , everything afterwards sucks and is the reason why people stopped. so incase u dont just wanna sell servers and actually open one , pls focus on 1.5 - zaken , this is pvp fun and not instance shit with pvp only at daily bosses and every 2 weeks at sieges
  7. its 240 votes you guys fight about ,server both dead before start. whoever waste time on any of this of mouse , stalonka , skylord servers cannot be helped just like the people that still rejoining valhalla and eglobal xd even djvogas server are better...