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  1. Hello there, Im trying to waste my time on some specific ways like creating my own server. Since i've done most of the job one thing makes me sleep worse everyday. WARN ItemParser: Fail create item: 38040 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant l2f.gameserver.templates.item.EtcItemTemplate.EtcItemType.NONE at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Unknown Source) at l2f.commons.collections.MultiValueSet.getEnum(MultiValueSet.java:327) at l2f.gameserver.templates.item.EtcItemTemplate.<init>(EtcItemTemplate.java:53) at l2f.gamese
  2. [updated 17.10.2017]: Service is stopped. Available only selling existing addons. Working with own projects. IMPORTANT! Please don't adding yourself into my contact list for nothing. I will moving you from my contacts to blacklist. If you not need my services, skip/ignore me. I'm not a free helper and i'm not give the free consultations (exept my regular clients). Start to respect a time of other people. Thanks. My free/paid/demo works: See my personal blog; See my YouTube channel. Regards.
  3. Hello guys i need help i trying to add on my server a Achievement system but when i press Show my achievements or Statitics i got a error about Bypass. For more infos pleasse ask me SEVERE 67 net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets.L2GameClientPacket Client: [Character: Test - Account: test - IP:] - Failed running: [C] 21 RequestBypassToServer
  4. Hello, I've never used the board to ask. In Gracia Keucereus Alliance Base area the Quest 10272 Light Fragment is broken in the part where we speak to Npc Soldier Ginby ID 32566. Below, I took snapshots of the specific part of the quest which needs completion. Below, theres the code of the 32566-4.html file (with pay variable): Then, theres the Java condition handler of the enviaronment variable (file: Q10272_LightFragment.java): This leads here (32566-05.html):
  5. hello guys i would like to know if there is a command like this //titlecolor that changes the color of a character's title so i can put it in my project thanks in advance
  6. hello guys once again i have run into a problem and more specificly in this one http://prntscr.com/ixlqj0 does someone know how to fix this :D D thanks in advance
  7. I have spent days on this forums, and others trying to find my answer but I can not find my answer. So, now I am putting up a thread to see if I can get some directions or pointers that will direct me the right directions. I am working on development of Lineage 1 server, the version is same as one is out in Korea atm. I am looking for a game launcher for Lineage1, I thought that maybe since L2 also is coded in Java, and they used to use .bin file to launch there game some of the one l2 launchers may work. I tried that, but I do not know it failed and I just keep getting all sorts of e
  8. Hello there, Spartan here. I am looking for step by step, guide by guide, point by point guide to make my own dream come true, my own dream of Lineage 2 Interlude server. I am absolutly newbie in these things, i am playing the game by C3, but never been interested in creation of my own server. I want to know where i must start, how i must start, what i must pay for and after all how i can input my dream inside the already running server. I want everything to be based on JAVA, because i know a little that is more customable and maybe easier...idk i hope you tell me those things. Please sen
  9. Hello and welcome to our preview topic, L2-R is a c4 project that lacks from gameplay knowdays. Our goal is to bring back the old "Lineage2" meaning , with a little more relaxed features and not so intense farm combining some fancy appereance. So lets start about what the project offers: ========== Rates ========== Experience: 35 Skill Points : 35 Drop Items: 5 Adena : 200 Raid Drop : 1 Spoil : 5 ========== Enchant ========== Safe : 3 Max : Unlimited Chance of Normal : Retail (58%) Chance of Blessed : Retail (58%) ========== General ========== 24 Buff Slots + 10 De
  10. Hello people i am looking for a person who knows java and could help me with one small problem that our project people can't fix, is there anyone here who would be kind with helping to fix the problem that we have with multisell in shops? if there is please reply to this topic or privately message me i would really appreciate if we could find a person who knows java and would be willing to help us for free! PLEASE NEED HELP BADLY!
  11. Im looking for auto vote reward code hop/topzone for Gracia Final
  12. Hello,im selling L2J PvP Server files,based on l2jfrozen sources,live server was online with 300~ real online players. Server was stable without any "bug",everything working as it should for a pvp server,nothing to worry about. Server is also re-designed from the server that i was using. Based on No-Custom Gameplay Balance has been configured for retail class-items balance. It can be sold as: Pack-Patch-Backup Pack-Patch-Backup-Source Pack-Patch-Backup-Source,New unique website,never used Price will be not high as well. A small support can be given once buyin
  13. Hey there if somebody is looking for some java dev work, I need some help. (pre compile real development, new code) should be fairly easy stuff, we can work together. Work will be paid via paypal or paysafe (if you want) add me on skype: sannehwat first job is simple and easy (for testing) there will be a lot more work opportunity in the future.
  14. I got an l2jteon pack, but when i try to run it , i got that error any one can give me a solution ? Thanks !
  15. any one can learn me and help me to add some with eclipse to l2jacis rev 362 ? i want to add AIO Buffer and vote reward system ! if any one can help please add me on skype: thelion639 or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007133359148 Thanks !
  16. Hey there, iam working on l2j acis project , mostly bussy with my wstuff but there is lot of functions which i want to add and prefer to hire person to do so as i found my self better in other branches ,if you a freelancer and good with interlude/eclipse and like challenging stuff for reasonable price + have good availability , please contact me on skype : eigirdas91
  17. I know a bit of java (not big knowledges), and a lot of IA,behaviors bugs inside l2j and l2rebellion. I doesn't have too much time to test, fix, test pay for someone fix it. I need two things, a stable base (I know anything its 100% bug free, just a stable base of behaviors, many l2jru have this already) And Phantom System working fine. Cya
  18. Well, I have some java knowledge, but Im searching for someone who have solid knowldege to do some ideas I have, more stable than I can do. I have one idea/job right now, but if the guy knows and do the job fine I will contact him again and again for more work. My dev doesn't have time, then Im searching for other guy. If are u interest and have knowledge, send me a pm. Thanks for your time.
  19. Hello. Can anyone help me and tell me how i create a new java file to paste a code inside? Thanks in advance! P.s. I want to make this http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/187939-rankingstatistics-acis/
  20. Hello i'm new here, first of all before posting this topic i searched for around 1 week about how to open java (jar files) with eclipse and as usual i failed :D, so i decided to create this topic. ok now let me tell you my OS: i have two PCs so i have two OS: windows 7 x64 windows 10 x64 _____________________________________________________________ My Problem is, i need to know how to open jar files to edit on em like if i want to config AIO system, or Auto Vote reward. so i have Server Pack L2JFROZEN (( revision=921M )) V4. I have few problems in the auto reward vote and the tradable
  21. Hello Community .. I am looking for a serious java developer to be a part of a serious project (interlude)..Of course not for free .. i accept only serious pms from people who want to work and of course only from people who knows how to fix things ,make codes, etc.pm me here and we talk further if interrested..
  22. Hi Guys As the title said, I'm looking for a good Lineage 2 H5 pack for mid low rates. The pack have to be in Java with sources and the payment must be by Paypal. The ideal pack should be: - Professional clean sources and ready for low rates server "Retail Like". - Chronicle H5 - Including Geodata (no encryption) - Tested by over +700 players - If you pack have some mods, its Ok as long they have an option to disable them. - And the most important, good support in case I need help or question in general. If you think your Java Pack have those requirement, please send
  23. Hello guys, I requested to a moderator, for reopen a topic but he don't read my PM, so forgive me because I will create a topic with the same request but I need this diff too. ORIGINAL TOPIC: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/170376-safe-admin/ Anyone have a backup of this diff? The original website are offline. Thank you.
  24. Well what I need it's someone who can do (and do it well) a rework to Lindvior or some close client of that chronicle works with high five files. I have a lot of things in my High Five server, and I wanna use some things from Lindivor client. Doesn't want the server/gameplay structure like new balance changes,skills,etc,etc. Because that its why I need use Lindvior or some close client from Lindvior with High Five server-side. Send me a PM with your skype and aproximated price u think its reasonable for this job. We can continue discussing it on skype. Cya and thanks for reading.