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  1. its a ranking where people tryhard to win games. Nothing much
  2. Topics like that are supposed to be reported in Wrong Section Thread. Thanks.
  3. World Cup is over so thread locked. Thanks everyone for each contribution!
  4. Stop flaming each other, this is not allowed, so consider yourself warned. Next time both will get banned.
  5. Pretty much this. Still Germany deserved to win this World Cup. No doubt about it, they performed amazingly and I can't imagine Argentina winning it.
  6. You didn't lasted that long with that attitude. Author banned so locked.
  7. yhn

    WTS Skin Codes

    Locked, since Rito is closing all those websites that are selling skins. Too bad. Best of luck!
  8. Lel :D And yeah, Argentina will get crushed against Germany. They've played such a boring game against Netherlands and Germany is really a TEAM.