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  1. ... the fact that you are acting like that for 1 locked topic means that you are crazy and you need to be locked in hospital.
  2. Dude you just started to flame everyone becouse of a crappy pack and one locked topic. No words you need mental asistance also, like Elfo.
  3. Lol the flames are alot since last time i've read the topic. I'm not really quite sure his topic or account should even exist on this forum .
  4. Okey so you did exacly what 99% of people in forum marketplace did, edited shared things and impove them, if you can prove to your customers you really improve things you apply in server and stability of it that means you have all the rights to sell this thing. Since i've seen a guy "NeverMore" editing Captcha code shared and selling it for his own work. That's obviously allowed, i believe moderator should unlock and clean your topic.
  5. Okey, is this a reason to lock? I believe it's obviously his English is bad, Is it possible to be missunderstand that by the fact he says "Code myself" possible means "Apply myself". Judge people who doesn't know correct English with lock, and not correct them doesn't fix any problem. Instead of chasing an scammers u are wasting your time doing useless locks, while a guy who i reported 1 year ago is somehow always unbanned and online...?
  6. Well honestly this doesn't mean's he can't sell what he does own... what if he didn't code it but just apply patches, this is still work worth some money for someone. I don't understand what's the point of locking this kind of topics? There are passengers for every train, i believe his pack can be interesting thing to buy for someone who wanna develop server but doesn't wanna start from scratch.
  7. Yeah it's edited by you, anyway it's shared on other forums also ... ill just edit credits.
  8. Hi it's time to share something... Download the Captcha (for Freya & Hi5). Here! Edited by: `NeverMore
  9. I have it working 100% anyway i think it's not shared. (the forum)
  10. Man calm down and please stop flame me, i explained u (tried to) that i'm trusted and you still flame me. I told you the PSC is used, you start to blame me ... it's not my fault and i have nothing to do to help you. Speak with your customer...
  11. But how he is "Donator Member" i believe there should be amount posts in order to gain this type of stats... and for V.I.P s also.
  12. Is this guy try to steal accounts and why he isn't banned yet?
  13. Is it possible some moderator to clean my topics from his posts? Because he is posting on each topic existing in market created by me and this is annoying.
  14. Date Online shop Trade Amount 11/08/2014 Riot Games Ltd 10.00 EUR 10.00 EUR The code was used on Riot Games Ltd.
  15. Yes that's right, YUNA got this function. But i didn't exchanged the code since he used before i cloud exchange. I didn't blocked u in skype, i refuse to speak with people who are trying to do fun with me, and also you are from 1 year in forum I am here from since 08 Apr 2012 year. Please consider if you wsn't the guy who spend that PSC to make an conversation with your customer, because i didn't touch this PSC other way then trying to exchange it via YUNA and it doesn't worked since the code was used already. And the flame it's not necessary.