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  1. depends on item you want to change the icon.. if it's weapon you will change the icon name on weapongrp.dat file if it's armor on armorgrp.dat file if it's item like adena for example you will change it on etcgrp.dat file. you will find in line of the item you want to change the icon a name like this icon.IconName and you will change it to YourTextureName.YourIconName
  2. it's something that maybe someone will looking for and couldn't find since it's not shared anywhere else. /ontopic nice share mate!
  3. ουτε καν λολ.. /ontopic αυτο το φτιαχνεις client side θα πας στο etcitemgrp.dat αρχειο και θα βρεις τα scrolls και τις lifestones θα δεις κατι αριθμους αλαξε τον 3ο αριθμο απο 0 σε 2
  4. αχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχα
  5. ίσως επειδή έχει να κάνει με πληροφορική κλπ έχει τέτοια ταχύτητα... στο Ρέθυμνο π.χ. δεν πιάνεις ούτε 1 MB/s download και maximum 500 KB/s upload ;p
  6. :happyforever: :happyforever: :happyforever:
  7. lol no.. it's not about that. dunno what it is since there are not the usual things but it's not the db.
  8. reload your npcs and respawn all mobs again
  9. try to add 500 Exp and Sp (5000 x 1000 = 5000000) the maximum SP is 2127000000 or something like that don't remember actually so i guess it will be ok
  10. edit mobs on database but don't add crazy amount of SP and EXP cause if for example your server rates are x1000 if you add 1000 SP when you kill that monster you will receive 1000000 SP if you add 999999 you will don't receive exp/sp
  11. oi ithopoioi apo tin seira LoL einai alla dn kserw ;p auto edw ennow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLwSChjwwhs
  12. which vote system? there are a lot of vote systems around.