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  1. ok now the fiel named WeaponEnchantEffectData.dat works but i can not really change the color maybe someone can help me ? Default Blue Color radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e4={14469100;0A328200;1.0}144691 my color radiance_effect_RGB_opacity_e5={00F9FF00;00ECFF00;1.0}
  2. I can open the file, and edit. But there i no Enchant setting, seems like i was changed on classic 2.0. If i open an interlude systemfile / env.int it works, but useless for my 2.0 version. i also tryed to copy it into the 2.0 env.int but nothing happen its not working in that way
  3. Hello, i tryed to change the glowcolor of the enchanted weapons. i read many times it it in the env.int but it is not. maybe anyone can help me ?
  4. hey. i use mobius savior classic 2.0 and try to install it,. but im new to this . if i click the jar file nothing happen. can you tell me how to handle / install it?