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  1. I bought filles from him, after long waiting cuz he lost his all filles he need to recreate them, then he lost his svn end etc... to get filles tooked almost 2 months.. then he gaved me svn, after 1 month he blocked me and stoped responding emails. also i purched source, but i get only sunrise source but not zeus engine source... so he tooked 200 euros, and disapiered.
  2. Hey guys, i founded sunrise pack maked on grand crusade, But it have java some bugs, so i thought if samone want to make it java 14-15, and fix some things. I can send u files, u fix it i apply updates for it and share it with you or others. P.S i have custom GC client to launch as H5. map, radar, char creation and etc.. Pm me in forum or type ur contacts and we will dissicus
  3. Hey guys, Looking for l2jmobius payed latest version of grand crusade, can samone share it?
  4. Hey, L2j ZeusEngine by Jabberwock (Scammer) This is compiled pack with all client mods. Who is saying its shit code and etc. u are right, but dont cry in this topic, i want to share compiled pack cuz he still selling those packs for 150-500euros. Why pay and get scammed if you can download it free? I also have source code and trying to seperate all functions, if you want you can help me. Good luck to make shit server with this pack :D Who is blind to see password in file name read this: Password: 20200526
  5. btw, i know its hard coded, but for now im trying to sepereate all featres and share them, but it will take lot of time. for now i just want to trade it and maby samone will also make it ;)
  6. hey, I bought zeus engine. it have million custom things and etc. but dev closed svn, and i cant get more updates, so i desided toexcange this pack for another pack. Full source+ client custom things. Im intereted fo some H5 packs. zeus was created by Jabber there is a Link to Youtube you can see what he maded. why i decided to excange or eaven share it? cuz he started to ignore me and other users. so i felt i was scamed. contacts: here in forum Discord: Pallis #1088
  7. Hello, mby samone have sunrise 986 source? If you do have clean source pm me. its important ;)
  8. I bought it with some disscount, im so happy 😉 TRUSTED SALLER, high support and awsome dev, helping with filles filles, nice bug fixing. RECOMENDED. P.S try to get skype/facebook or etc to communicate not only mail 😉 Update. SCAMER, NO RESPONSES NO FIXING DO NOT BUY I WILL SHARE SOURCE!
  9. mby samone can tell me, how to enable html path showing? cuz in this pack missing some filles, want to track them and make them ;)