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  1. need person who know how to use VPS and setup it. littile bit knowelage of java to fix unsepected bugs, refresh filles and run server again using puTTY.
  2. Hello, Im starting new project, l2 H5 server and later thinking about classic/GOD servers. but for now im looking for person who knows littlib java know how to use vps/vds For more info contanct me in discord Pallis#1088 p.s i just need person all finances is from me.
  3. what can i say... lots and more more bugs, nothing working :) atleast noone will open shitserver with those filles :)
  4. do i only need copy paste things from build/libs to server libs thats all?
  5. Hello, guys. As evryone saw long time ago there was placed H5 L2Mytharas files. so i have question. mby samone can tell/teach me, how to compile files like other projects (l2jserver/frozen and etc.) Cuz this comiple is different.