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  1. We are expecting 500+ real users simultaneously on server launch. However we had decided to postpone server launch by 2-4 weeks to apply fixes for some problems currently existing with our files, also fill some gaps at our advertisement policy (as our former team member became lazy and stopped working on project advertising). We will report all news at our website www.freljord.su
  2. If you are going to use one login server there is absolutely no need for new IP. Just change port of second game server (for example from 7777 to 7778) and add new gameserver to login db :)
  3. 6 days are left till opening ;)
  4. Grandbosses random spawn time has been reduced.
  5. Open Beta is now open! Learn more: http://forum.freljord.su/index.php?/topic/24-open-beta/
  6. There is a vote about random respawns of grandbosses. Our position is to make it static, but some players asked not to do this. Epic boss jewelry drop chance is always 100% (if character meets requirement for drop) You can vote here: http://forum.freljord.su/index.php?/topic/22-epic-boss-respawn/
  7. No. Global chat (shout) will be accessible for everyone (starting from Lv. 20), VIP chat will be different in chat color.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. We received few complains about VIP system and it functions so we decided to change it. Players opinion is most important resource in server development progress. Only one level of VIP will be available. Bonuses: 50% Bonus EXP/SP + 25% Bonus Adena + 3 Additional game windows Special VIP-only global chat Price - 5 EUR/month If your team will have additional suggestions for this or any other game feature, do not hesitate to drop me a note.
  9. Script is from L2j. Are you sure you are using L2OFF?
  10. Redesigned and reworked website is almost there ;) EDIT: Done, http://www.freljord.su
  11. Is it possible to make an custom client-side weather (in my case snow)? Interlude client.
  12. I am asking for //who as i dont want to calculate your players, please do not avoid the question dude :) and I am waiting to see it tonight, not tomorrow or so :) Edit: cool. If you cant provide screenshot of //who tonight you dont need to do it at all :) it's all clear now about L2mid :)
  13. No its not normal. By only launching PTS you won't get even 500 online. People today are looking for challenges, something new... Not waiting at queue to get quest item from Cabrio. Most of those servers are Javas... So yes, PTS helps especially if you have good files (and you have Vang and as I can see it's from MXC). Cmon share //who from now, it is 1 minute job, of course if you do not need to "adjust" the numbers ;)