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  1. Selling PTS Highfive AdvExt what i buyed few months ago. Pack contains : 1. PTS HIghFive from Advext 2. Community Board. 3. Account Panel. 4. Events. 5. Admin Panel 6. Compiler. if you buy it from official advext website it will cost: 1376 $ My price is : 615$ (including license transfer that costs +115$+50$ updates) skype: gio_gogla p.s i sell everything with account,licence and etc All license transfer will be done with developer.
  2. Npc stats adapdet on online so you will kill 7rb. mr.obvious and ? advext is not using l2off files ? :)))))))))))))))Someone please tag here Danis from advext...
  3. Please dont text here some bullshit. Yeap rip May 13 2015 06:44 AM sold allready ;)
  4. Small code from ai.obj handler 31 10417 // MENU_SELECTED variable_begin "talker" "ask" "reply" "myself" "i1" "myself" "_choiceN" "_code" "_from_choice" variable_end push_event // i1 push_const 288 //i1 add push_reg_sp fetch_i //expr = push_const 0 //unary->INTEGER_CONST assign shift_sp -1 push_event // ask push_const 160 //ask add fetch_i4 push_const 1 //unary->INTEGER_CONST equal branch_false L78 L77 push_event // reply push_const 272 //reply add fetch_i push_const 1 //unary->INTEGER_CONST equal branch_false L80 L79 push_event // talker push_const 40 //talker add fetch_i //level push_const 1956 //level add fetch_i4 push_const 1 //unary->INTEGER_CONST equal branch_false L82 L81 push_event // i1 push_const 288 //i1 add push_reg_sp fetch_i //expr = push_const 68 //unary->INTEGER_CONST assign shift_sp -1 push_event // myself push_const 784 //myself add fetch_i //Fetch Base pointer push_event // talker push_const 40 //talker add fetch_i push_const 0 //unary->INTEGER_CONST push_event // i1 push_const 288 //i1 add fetch_i func_call 235077878 // func[IncrementParam] shift_sp -3 shift_sp -1 push_event // myself push_const 784 //myself add fetch_i //Fetch Base pointer push_event // talker push_const 40 //talker add fetch_i push_const 1 //unary->INTEGER_CONST push_event // i1 push_const 288 //i1 add fetch_i push_const 10 //unary->INTEGER_CONST div func_call 235077878 // func[IncrementParam] shift_sp -3 shift_sp -1 push_event // myself push_const 784 //myself add fetch_i //Fetch Base pointer push_event // talker push_const 40 //talker add fetch_i S2. "l2guild001.htm" push_string S2 func_call 235012165 // func[ShowPage] shift_sp -2 shift_sp -1 jump L83 L82 Some HF Skills from skill_pch [s_chain_heal1] = 101777409 [s_mass_cure1] = 101580801 [s_mass_clearance1] = 101646337 [s_aura_blast1] = 101842945 [s_death_shot1] = 64880641 Item from hf itemdata.txt item_begin etcitem 21820 [rc_acce_of_s_high_setpack_90days] item_type=etcitem slot_bit_type={none} armor_type=none etcitem_type=none delay_share_group=-1 item_multi_skill_list={} recipe_id=0 blessed=0 weight=0 default_action=action_peel consume_type=consume_type_normal initial_count=1 soulshot_count=0 spiritshot_count=0 reduced_soulshot={} reduced_spiritshot={} reduced_mp_consume={} immediate_effect=1 ex_immediate_effect=0 drop_period=10 duration={-1;0} use_skill_distime=0 period=129600 equip_reuse_delay=0 price=0 default_price=0 item_skill=[none] critical_attack_skill=[none] attack_skill=[none] magic_skill=[none] item_skill_enchanted_four=[none] capsuled_items={{[rc_dynasty_earring_90days];2;2;100};{[rc_dynasty_ring_90days];2;2;100};{[rc_dynasty_neckalce_90days];1;1;100}} material_type=fish crystal_type=crystal_free crystal_count=0 is_trade=0 is_drop=0 is_destruct=1 is_private_store=0 keep_type=1 physical_damage=0 random_damage=0 weapon_type=none critical=0 hit_modify=0 avoid_modify=0 dual_fhit_rate=0 shield_defense=0 shield_defense_rate=0 attack_range=0 damage_range={} attack_speed=0 reuse_delay=3000 mp_consume=0 magical_damage=0 durability=-1 damaged=0 physical_defense=0 magical_defense=0 mp_bonus=0 category={} enchanted=0 base_attribute_attack={none;0} base_attribute_defend={0;0;0;0;0;0} html=[item_default.htm] magic_weapon=0 enchant_enable=0 elemental_enable=0 unequip_skill={} for_npc=0 item_equip_option={} use_condition={} equip_condition={} is_olympiad_can_use=1 can_move=0 is_premium=0 /**/ item_end I think this will be enough.
  5. we are using 100% l2off files. If you will be on open beta test you will see it. there are many difference between Java and L2off, starting from skill ending with agathions. :) for sure, we are using l2off files :)
  6. Lineage 2 High Five Aerius x70 - International Server [Georgian HighFive Server] Start Date: 20 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Open Beta Test: 15 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Our Website: http://L2Guild.Com Server Version : High Five Server Emulator : PTS [L2Off] Rates: EXP/SP: x70* Adena: x50* Sealed Stones: x20 Drop: Chance: x20, Qty: x1* Spoil: Chance: x1, Qty: x25* RB exp/sp: x1* RB Drop: Chance х8. Epaulette: x10 Epic Drop: Chance x1* Quests - Items Drop: х4 (Not for all quests*) Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): x5* (Rates are changed for a few quests, list you can view in this topic*) Community Buffer: Buffer has all the Buff / Song / Dance , but there will not be Summon buffs and Resists. Buff/Dance/Song Time - 60 Minute. Ability to create a profile buffs. Number of Slots buff - 24/12 (36 slots). Auction: Auction will be enabled after 1 week from start. Comfortable Market in Alt+B Professions: You can buy professions from NPC or from Community Board. Price for 1 Profession - 350.000 adena. Price for 2 Profession - 2.000.000 adena. Price for 3 Profession - 30.000.000 adena. Donation: Premium Account x1.75 Accessories Different Services Soul Stage Crystalls Books (Forgotten Scrolls) till 81 Level Rune XP/SP Changed rates for quests: Seven Signs - Series of Doubt Seven Signs - Dying Message Seven Signs - Contract of Mammon Seven Signs - Secret Ritual of the Priests Seven Signs - Seal of the Emperor Seven Signs - Sacred Book of Seal Seven Signs - Embryo Level 36-42: Pailaka Level 61-67: Pailaka Level 73-77: Pailaka Grave Robber Annihilation Ghosts of Batur Black Swan Supplier Of Reagents The Zero Hour Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force Seekers of the Holy Grail War With Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos Alliance with Varka Silenos Alliance with Ketra Gather The Flames Relics of the Old Empire Heart in Search of Power Yoke of the Past Guardians of the Holy Grail How to Oppose Evil Gameplay: Starting equipement: Top No grade. Automatic learning all skills of the character On server will be Mana Potion Main trade zone is Giran Harbor, also permitted to trade in other towns but, it will remove 15% main cost of item. Olympiad - starts with server. Premium Account (Rates x1.5) Offline Trade / Craft Bot/Hack Protection. Community Board (Buffer,GameShop and etc.) A full-featured PTS[Offlike] emulator. On Server Will Be 3 Events: CTF,TvT and DeathMatch There in no limit on windows. Open Hellbound island with the 11 level at the start. Information may change during the OBT! P.S - Not a russian server. : )
  7. hello forum, some time ago i find here .menu for l2jfrozen but now cant... please someone give me this mod...
  8. thanks , 1 question . im using Vangath pack , can i use premiume service on server is there any such services ? (if you know i mean if xp rate is 30 with premium it will be 50)
  9. hello , where can i edit raidboss drop ? (zaken,freya etc...) and also , how to edit quest rewards ? how add items in prime shop? (have used search but no result..) please help me
  10. hello mxc , can someone crack vangath gracia final pack?
  11. hello forum , can someone help? i used search but all links are dead... can someone share l2off buffer files for gracia final? thanks.
  12. Water ai same like l2off with deph and positive effects. Dragon valey dragon migration l2off like . npc,items,spawnlist, offlike parsed from pts server . character health data hp/mp/cp by classes with leveling and starting items parsed from pts . auction,kamaloka,rift like l2off . : )) Mistake while typing cant edit this topic