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Found 17 results

  1. MESSA.WS HIGH FIVE X50 SITE FORUM The start server: Open Beta Test - 20 October 2017 in 20:00 (GMT +3) Open Server - 03 November 2017 in 20:00 (GMT +3) Description
  2. website - www.l2blair.com forum - http://l2blair.com/forum facebook page - Link Server Online Download Patch (1.02): Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Download Patch (1.02) for Windows 10: Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Chronicle - Interlude Rates: XP Rate - x50 SP Rate - x50 Adena Rate - x 50 Adena Chance - 70% Items Drop - x8 Items Spoil - x8 If chance goes higher than 100%, amount is increased Enchant: Min +3 Max +25 Weapon Rates - Info Armor/Jewels Rate - Info Main Features: Stack Subclass System, Custom Tattoos, Cust
  3. Hello guys, i'm selling items and adena in l2dragon (the guys that will buy stuffs will receive a gift) If you are intrested to buy something leave me a PM with the offer Accepted payments : PayPal. -- General -- Adena in stock : 65kkk (65B) // SOLD : 30KKK (30B) Festival Adena : 2.200 SOLD Blue Soul cry 17 Donation Pounds in stock : 1180 // SOLD : 1180 -- Armor -- Top-Grade belt +6 (PVP DEF) Striped Mithril shirt +9 (CP) Vesper Shield Found. +8 Elegia sigil +8 SOLD Cloak Of Hero Black Cloak Of Hero White SOLD Elegia Leather Helmet +6 Attri. lvl 7 Eleg
  4. July PvP server х50 by Averia.ws team We are guarantee successful start, the highest online, and technical stability of the project! Too long ago we did not run a good PvP x50, it's time to fix it, briefly about the upcoming launch: Launch on 15th July 2016 at 7:00 PM (GMT+3) This time we will not invite dozens of clans, because each of them pulls teams to theirself, in the end, they are sitting in the city. Teams lose members, they are leave the server, and, as a result, no fun, no clans. Are we need it for our own money? The game is planned in 2 main sides, everything else will be for
  5. WTS some items on Averia x50. Icarus Sawsword + Focus + 10 300 Dark Pet Desert Fox (support for fighter with Weapon/Armor Maintence and Cat Queen Buff, costs 780 avers, can be sold on market) Vorpal Heavy Set 900 ATT Vesper Noble Leather Set 300 ATT Vesper Dual Daggers 300 Fire Shirt+4 (+750 CP) Amulet CP (+3% CP) Items are worth around 20kkk which is around 2500 Avers (around 36$ worth in Avers). I want 25$ for all. PM me here for my skype.
  6. grand opening date: july 14, 2016 at 20:00 (gmt +2) open beta testing: july 4, 2016 at 20:00 (gmt +2) website : http://l2destiny.ws forum : http://l2destiny.ws/forum Rates Exp x50 || SP x50 || Adena x25 || Drop x20 || Spoil x20 Quest Drop x4 || Quest Reward x4 || Manor x3 || RaidBoss Drop x5 || Epic Jewel x1 Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00 Safe Enchant : 4 || Maximum Enchant : 12 Normal Scroll : 50% || Blessed 60% Element Stone : 65% || Crystal 60% Features Olympiad +6, 100 Matches per week, Heroes Every Saturday Morning. Wee
  7. L2Lionna going live on 29 April 29.04.2016 20:00 (GMT+2) Beta : 20 April http://www.l2lionna.com http://www.l2lionna.com/forum SERVER RATES Exp x50 || SP x50 || Adena x25 || Drop x20 || Spoil x20 Quest Drop x4 || Quest Reward x4 || Manor x3 || RaidBoss Drop x5 Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00 Safe Enchant : 4 || Maximum Enchant : 12 Normal Scroll : 50% || Blessed 60% Element Stone : 65% || Crystal 60% Features Olympiad +6, 100 Matches per week, Heroes Every Friday Night after oly ends. Weekly Sieges/Tws
  8. WTS lot of items on Firepoint.ru cheaper than GM-shop. Have: DC robe sets, TM robe set, MJ robe set, TM heavy, TT set, TT neckl +4, SOM acumen +3... Ask pm.
  9. = OPENING 20 February 2016 20:00 = After hard work we present you a promising H5 mid rate server with unique features. We are here to provide a quality stable project. Welcome to our relax mid rate server. Enjoy your stay! Experience : x50 Skill Points: x50 Adena: x20 Drop: x20 (Recs-Keys 1x) Spoil: x20 RaidBossDrop:x3 Quest Drop: x1-x3 Quest Reward: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 12 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 55% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Element Stone Rate: 40% Element Crystal Rate: 30% Mana pots Full buffer GMshop up to S grade Class manager Free subclass Autolearn skill
  10. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ABOUT x10 SERVER, LAUNCH ON 9TH OCTOBER "Lineage 2 Averia was founded on 2013, and was known mostly for Russian players, since 2015 - 10th of July, Averia opened very first international server, that has made special systems and options for european & NA players. Our goal is to create server where even solo players can find new friends & epic adventure amongst huge and massive clans. Recently we developed our own bot protection server that will allow players feel the balance in economy and fairness of game. Averia's source files are written from L2OFF sour
  11. WTS adena averia x50 A lot of positive responses in all my trade topics - you can chek it in my profile history Best price like always - just write and you will see webmoney,qiwi,paypal,skrill skype - allhailUA
  12. L2 INTRUDERS - SUBSTACK+1 FEATURES - Rates: Exp: 50x - Adena: 30x - Drop: 30x - Spoil: 15x - Quest: 10x. - Slots de Buffs: 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration's). - GM Shop C/B - Mana Pots - Blacksmith and Merchant in Giran. - Set Armor Penalty. - Auto Learn SKills - Offline Shop. - Auto Pick-Up. - Raid Boss Epicos: Retail. - Npc Buffer 2h. - Enchant System: - Safe: +3 - Enchante Max: +16. - Enchante Rate: 50% Normal (weapons/armors). - Enchante Rate: 56% Blessed (weapons/armors). - 1er Cambio - Free - 2do Cambio - Free - 3er Cambio - **Only 1** Free - Subclass Free - Substack Main+1 **Websi
  13. Hello. WTS Adena/gold/items in new server averia.ws x50 H5 (10k online) server overcrowded, started 10th june contact me here PRICES = 1KKK - 4 EURO, BUT PRICE WILL DROPPED HARD IN FEW DAYS.
  14. Hello everyone and welcome on board of the most successfull, the most reliable and the most huge Lineage II High Five CIS project brought to you by anxious hands of three girls. My name is Julia and I am Averia's public relations manager. I'm here to introduce top CIS Lineage II server which is going to be the top world's server within several months. This is not just words. Efficient technical support, regular updates, hundreds of contests and events, dynamic advertising campaign, high number of players online even half a year after opening... we've put our heart and energy into the d
  15. wts adena at new anderia x50 HF server prices are negotiable, there are discounts for big amounts purchased. best prices on market. contact me here via pm or skype:ivstavrev
  16. Lineage2Fit is a brand new L2J server, based on aCis project. The server was and is being prepared carefully, based on people's choice and suggestions, but also, on several years of experience with Lineage2. Our server is Online since November, 7th 2013. Why would you join this server ? Well, there are a few reasons, such as : 1. "The Team" knows everything about Lineage 2 ( or at least up to Interlude Client ). 2. We know exactly what to do in order to make the server work properly. 3. Staff Members are trusted people who do not quit after one week of starting something new. 4. Becau