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  1. Tyrant with dagger? There are no special skills to help you play good with dagger. Ee with sps? same, it's balanced, for example you can't recharge yourself, even if you change your subclass to SPS. Elaborate your balance issue cause I can't understand what you are trying to say.
  2. Can you specific what balance?
  3. Download Patch (1.02): Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Download Patch (1.02) for Windows 10: Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire
  4. Server online! Join in!
  5. Works fine, try to clean your catche or use private tab option in your browser.
  6. Get ready today for a new Stack Subclass server, we are ready to make you enjoy a new brand server at 20:00 GMT+3.
  7. Beta stage ended, thanks all of you for your suggestions to make this server more fun and more improved. Get ready for a new Stack Subclass Server on Official Launch Day 06 MAI 20:00 GMT + 3, Have fun and enjoy!
  8. Server is Online and ready for Beta Stage, Join in. Beta stage will finish on 17:00 GMT+3 04 05 2017
  9. Get ready for Beta Stage on 03 05 2017 at 10:00 GMT+3. We will gather informations from players to simplified the Official launching day, so join in. On beta stage server will have GM Shop and other things to help players to test the balance system and other custom features.
  10. No luck is needed, we created this server to make stack subclass fun, and more action oriented. Thanks for good luck btw! Thanks for your positive message.
  11. Gland that you love a more complex and more action oriented server style. Yes you can solo farm to get stack subclass item, you can trade 20 Lunargents (quest - Supplier of Regeants x4) and 1.200.000 AA for Stack Subclass item. Thanks.
  12. We are trying our best to make this server known to the community.
  13. website - www.l2blair.com forum - http://l2blair.com/forum facebook page - Link Server Online Download Patch (1.02): Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Download Patch (1.02) for Windows 10: Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Chronicle - Interlude Rates: XP Rate - x50 SP Rate - x50 Adena Rate - x 50 Adena Chance - 70% Items Drop - x8 Items Spoil - x8 If chance goes higher than 100%, amount is increased Enchant: Min +3 Max +25 Weapon Rates - Info Armor/Jewels Rate - Info Main Features: Stack Subclass System, Custom Tattoos, Cust