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  1. You need put your text inside <table> and make sure you use FIXWIDTH instead width, and for colors use <font color=AABBCC> tags. Example: <br><html><head>Reloaded News:<body><table><tr><td FIXWIDTH=280><br><font color=3366AA>We've got a huge update. To see it double click on 'Click Me' item in your inventory. Also as you may noticed we have a new GM.</font> If you Didn't know that, say hi to <font color=FF0033>=GM=Animal</font><br><br>p.s: next upadte = new chronicle.<br1> p.s2: Don't forget to vote guys!</td></tr></table></body></html>
  2. Anyone has ide how it can be done? AccessDenied method (decay, change classor sex, add and broadcast) does not work for me;)