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  1. You need put your text inside <table> and make sure you use FIXWIDTH instead width, and for colors use <font color=AABBCC> tags. Example: <br><html><head>Reloaded News:<body><table><tr><td FIXWIDTH=280><br><font color=3366AA>We've got a huge update. To see it double click on 'Click Me' item in your inventory. Also as you may noticed we have a new GM.</font> If you Didn't know that, say hi to <font color=FF0033>=GM=Animal</font><br><br>p.s: next upadte = new chronicle.<br1> p.s2: Don't forget to vote guys!</td></tr></table></body></html>
  2. Anyone has ide how it can be done? AccessDenied method (decay, change classor sex, add and broadcast) does not work for me;)
  3. "Our server is protected by Smartguard which means your personal informationare 100% protected." what does it mean?
  4. This interface is so nice that sometimes I have feeling i am not playing Interlude :) Thank you. just few notes from my side: 1. I am missing names of chat type tabs. https://imgur.com/a/kf4Bpk8 2. Cast bar for some skills works incorrectly: 3. Cast Bar sometimes does not appear 4. When I open custom map (radar). L2 hmtl windows behave like they were on the background. Those things have not any impact on gameplay, but as I noticed you are trying to make it perfect so I posted :D
  5. True. Unluckily nothing more in interface can be done about targetting (so it works like /target name). Ahh too bad koreans didnt add function to interface that returns all nearest mobs :). Thats why smartguard or any other guard should never worry too much about interface bot.
  6. Congratulations!!! 440 people online with login down (server in GM mode). Cannot imagine how much will be when login will be up!! https://imgur.com/a/W8YPWxo
  7. I checked this serv, even farmed good items (quite easy). If you like play any other class than destroyer this server is not for you (instant frenzy, zealot). Mages totally unplayable. Server done on hurry, description copied from l2Spirit: > Main town here says Giarn in game is Goddard. > Top LS here says 15%, in game is 20 % > Buffs here says are 9h, in game are 3h. > "Interlude skill (90%)" this never stops amaze me Also now server is dead. So if you like play destro wait for next wipe:D
  8. ... :D https://imgur.com/a/NLcmbZi
  9. Checked this serv: - current online 3/4 people - With items +25 i was dealing 400 dmg and getting 10k dmg from one guy (from those 4) on serv . - i had very bad time here, didnt feel fun of pvp. Waste of time, 0 fun.
  10. Well I was working on Interface.u, and I was compiling it by using ucc.exe (it was also able to extract all .uc from Interface.u), so I thought I can check if I can unpack lineageeffect.u for this guy, but I got error on one utx file while extracting. Still if you say that unpacking this by using ucc is pointless, I gave it up.
  11. So the only way to make it is extract lineageeffect.u by using ucc.exe?
  12. Looks like this guy is explaining how to make it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rfkiru1SFk
  13. You are master in avoiding and breaking l2 protections, you do not even need to make own but, you can crack SM everytime you have spare 10 minutes, and use existing bots :D For me success was to inject to l2 and possibility of tracking packets, unluckilly I managed to do it on uprotected l2 client. SG kicked my ass :rage: About what victoria said, I was also thinking about that. Not same owners but they both can gain money by just cooperating, so customers are forced to update either bot or protection (no point to use cracked outdated Adrenaline).