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  1. 100% that noone going to send you first, forgot it.
  2. yes all of us know that and we want to share it with you... Be realistic, if such thing exist noone would talk about it.
  3. I would like to sell Gk 84+sub+nobles+ items (mostly vesper,for full items list pm me). Mail included There is possibility to trade this account to similar GH account. Also possibly I would be interested in 78+ WC + cash) (do not offer any others class) Payment only via skrill.com, neteller.com. If you have any doubt about me (if you consider im not trusted or something like that) please do not bother asking more infos. First money then account +mail
  4. tower bypass is a great, but 15 euro is the same price like l2bot.eu. But adrenaline bot is undetectable while tower make injections. I guess if you want more customers it is necessary to reduce price (about 10EU/month)
  5. I have waited mid rates server without buffer for ages. Cant wait to see how much players you can gather !!! :)
  6. Tried to scamm me. Thank God he didnt succed. Be aware of this guy.
  7. blox as I said before post proofs before spamming. ParduoduPerku who are you ? PS. WC sold. Gk still available
  8. The member frenchie88 cannot receive any new messages
  9. Sell 2 accounts in new x3 rpg club. 79 + WC (empty, sub almost done) SOLD 79 + GK. (dc light, Common dragon grinders, common mj jewels, 10kk~ sub almost done) Payment only: skrill.com, (or adenas in game)(dont offer like 50-100kk) Money first then account + mail. If you dont trust me, simply dont write to me. I wont give any of it first. All info via pm.