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  1. This server looks really awsome and unique. I think that anyone love low rate retail interlude with so many comforts of classic client should give it a try. Wish good luck to the server and hope to see you all there!
  2. Really dissapointed from this server.First of all this problems with ddos about 5 days couldnt play at day only at nights was stable(many ppl quit server that days).You took so many money from premium and u late too much for making server stable, a gift was promised about 2 weeks now and never given, without premium u fall so behind so its pay2win(example exp main char(premium) and buffer (without premium) Result?: main char 76 lvl buffer 63 exp together from start..So definitely without premium u are a trash..Now server is stable but ppl is now too low market is dead goddard/aden about 2-3
  3. Again and again the same crap.Don't you even bored doing this thing?
  4. So far to never was real online at your server..So.....
  5. Server rocks no more comments just join... bfdr.eu
  6. The server is a powerful DDoS attack. The server will be available soon, so stay tuned. infos from main page http://lastwar.su/
  7. Server opens in 6minutes as i see ..also about 1800 ppl online at forum.. I think it wil be full of people so full pvp:D nc! :not bad:
  8. So opening its 17:00 gmt +3 right?