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  1. Dear Friends, bits and bytes is happy to announce Interlude Core x8 which will start on Friday @ 12/10/2018 21:00. The decision of the creation of the new Interlude server was taken after a heavy load of requests that were received lately regarding a fresh interlude server, where BNB is fully experienced. You will find server settings below ================================== Αγαπητοί φίλοι, Η Bits and Bytes ανακοινώνει τo Grand Opening του Interlude Core x8 server της, την Παρασκευή 12/10/2018 και ώρα 21:00. Η απόφαση της δημιουργίας ενό
  2. Never had issue with depmax. At emergency issues i had support from their team and solved any issue that appeared kiv is the best programmer of all time in private lineage2 extenders and a great man! regards
  3. I see much pain around. The fact that some other servers attacked us hard last time (sept 2016) with all their power and hired multiple hacker teams to damage us, does not mean that we will be retired. It seems that you want us to be retired from the field of lineage2 servers, thing that it will not happen. We will be here forever. As for your notes: 1st. Our last project is still online and upgraded from interlude to high five even with 300 users max. It is online since 5 months now 2nd. we are using official files not java, this is a fact and they are stable with big uptime without
  4. in the following days will be posted. Dont worry
  5. More info will be posted here about additional features that server will have https://l2forum.bnb.gr/threads/bnb-interlude-sylvanas-x75-launch-17-3-17-21-00.1044/ For any issue/question use our forum https://l2forum.bnb.gr/forums/interlude-sylvanas-x75-17-march-2017.25/
  6. Dear Friends, Bits and Bytes is happy to announce the launch of Interlude Sylvanas x75 which will start on Friday @ 17/03/2017 21:00 Athens Time. The decision of the creation of the new Interlude server was taken after a heavy load of requests that were received lately regarding a fresh interlude server. The new server is with higher rates in order to provide the best lineage2 experience at this period of time as Spring is coming! Why you should preffer BNB Interlude server: - Official PTS files without bugs - International English based community - Long term project
  7. If you cannot use updater due to antivirus problem: 1) download the file below http://files.bnb.gr/l2/patch_2_11.rar 2) extract files into system
  8. https://l2forum.bnb.gr/threads/client-update-update-clients-from-updater.517/ Client update released. Update your clients through our updater in order to be able to login
  9. Starting from Today 30/10, new players will receive shadow D grade full armor upon character creation as a first step for helping them. https://l2forum.bnb.gr/threads/new-player-bonus.477/
  10. launch of other servers are coming and trolls are released ! sorry bro but server is full of life in compare with others that are dead in 7 -10 days (no need to name it, all of you know about what im talking for) Yesterday's barakiel pvp was around 500 ppl so you can GTFO !
  11. Sure. <3 Butthurts Serious information about those who are really care and play to our server: In the following days when we will completely defend the attacks we will provide gifts and compensation to players as a reward for their trust We need to thank all players about it
  12. Up and running with ~4.5k. Sorry to them if it is true I really loled. You can leave this topic if you dont like it but it seems you really want to say something about it. You seem very angry. You can troll better Noone leaves because they know what trash of server are out there. Admins making black-market, selling items to players, paying clan leaders to invite ppl to server and some other shit. You seem also angry ! So doleful people in this topic ! It seems of a lot of ppl with pain in the ass gathered in this topic and they are feeling hunted ! need to speak
  13. Unban account is not allowed in botting Our donation list is minimal and carefully chosen in compare with other servers where admins add equipment on donations, create black market and sell items to players, or they pay clans to play to their server
  14. Server launch will be 7/10/2016 - 21:00 http://l2.bnb.gr/forum/index.php?/topic/1576-bnb-interlude-core-x8-launch-30916-2100/