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  1. Just BD and SWS left. I'm willing to let them both go for 100 Eur.
  2. Prophet account sold. The other ones are still for sale. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm selling the following accounts on L2 Classic Club server: Swordsinger lvl 55 + Name Change ready (10 Euro loaded on account) + can be with items (Doom Heavy+ Eminence+6 +B Jewels) (70 Eur) or no items (40 Eur) - No Email Access! Bladedancer lvl 54 + can be with items (BW Heavy+ Dual*SLS + B Jewels)(80 Eur) or no items (40 Eur) - Has Email Access! Prophet lvl 53 + Full C Karmian (basically buff bot) (30 Eur) - No Email Access! Shillien Elder lvl 52 + no items (25 Eur) - No Email Access! All accounts are in great standi
  4. Ridiculous prices for characters on Classic Club. It's a private server, 3x, and they have the same prices as Skelth lol. Good luck!
  5. Give me a message with SE details and best price.
  6. Hi, please give me some info (name and gender) and prices for all your characters on PM please. Thanks~
  7. Hello, is the Soultaker male or female? What about the price and name? Same question about the SE.