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  1. Hello, WTS 3 accounts 1. 79 GS with soulbow + TTS +5 set, Mj La set +6 with 30 days premium 2. 79 Cardinal Dc robe set/ tallum robe set + TTS +5 set + WT (can add Arcana Mace if needed) + wizard hat with 30 days premium 3. 77 Necro (with 78 skills) b grade equip (can add AM) with 7 days premium and a lot of Donation Coins + mats, can give all my boxes for free to this accounts Best if bought at once :) Paypal friend/family method or Revolut (can use middleman if You want ).
  2. Hello, i have for sale 2 accounts on Blue server EU like below: Elemental Summoner 70 lvl - normal english nick, donation ingame over 70e -BW light set and top C demon staff +7, artisian google Con+1 -talisman bracelet 4 lvl, agation bracelet lvl 4 + dyes Wit+4 men -5, talisman of aden +4 -Blessing of plenty for 10 days -All buffs learned - spiritore, enchants etc. 1,5kk adena Arba 69 - normal english nick -moon set + emi +7 -3x Dyes -All buffs learned If u got any questions PM, payments via paypal
  3. Hello, WTB OE TOP D BOW 9+ or mid grade C bow 6+ pm offers via PM
  4. hello, Wtb OE BOW 8+++ - must be top d or mid C Pm here with offers.
  5. WTS wynn 100/99 GS /80/ on server RAMONA which will be transfered to CORE soon Char got basic eq + chars on same account for lilith / anakim / shop
  6. WTS 101/100/80/80 GHOST Sentinel on Ramona which will be transfered to Core soon PA for 80 days + char naked, skills oe some 10+
  7. Wts ISS 105/100 RAMONA oe skills Most of the skills are oe for time / dps , braclet 6 slot some brooches lvl 3 and other crap in wh PA for over 100 days
  8. Wts feoh on Ramona lvl 105/100/80/80 All skills oe +10 (dps +15/14), taurus lvl 8/9 (rapsody for mage), !!! braclet 6 slot !!! brooches lvl 4 for mage (sapphire,blue cats, obsidian, tanz, diam ) and some other lvl 3 and a lot of other crap in wh PA for over 100 days Pm offers in adena / euros
  9. Hello, WTS FEOH 105/100/80/80 on server Ramona. CHar is clean got all mage brooches lvl 4 magic shirt +10, maphr shirt +10 , dyes +5 +1 wit, OE skills +15 / +10 Taurus (i think lvl 10) Braclet lvl 6 and lots of stuff in WH etc. Char got normal nick (can change ifd u want). Exhalted last quest lvl 5 almost done. PA for over 100 days Pm, for more infos and with offers already.