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  1. the fact that i just talked u about a low rate and u still brought me a server with auto cp and auto mp makes everything clear. damn you and your knowledge, nobodies playing with nobodies. take care
  2. contact me for further information baium,qa,zaken,tezza,antharas,valakas or whatever you need
  3. what nationality is this random group ?
  4. this guy is comind 2nd on being delusional after yeahthepro i think. one of the worst party/clan leaders i ve ever seen.
  5. one of the worst groups i ve ever played against.
  6. not sure which party is worst in this community you re playing.
  7. bad clan ,they probably use only mouse to play nowadays,every is on auto, put this group in a low rate server and they ll be wondering what the hell of the game this is :D
  8. this server using fake names for clans etc etc, i do not recommend it
  9. baium,aq,16bow advanced armors both light/robe etc....
  10. wts full gear both on sublimity or cleaver. for more info let me know. its full gear + epics both servers