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  1. hello everyone mighty group opening the gates for new members Requirements: First of all: Activity it's the most important think for a CP so that's why we're looking for players who can play minimum 6 hours. Dont forget it's a big + for you if you will be more active. Second: Be respectfull to your CP leader and your team, mates, making drama its a bad think. :Third Be able to play all the classes what ever your CP leader ask's you. Servers: We're Playing mostly Interlude C6 High/Mid/Low But if there will competition in any other client we're always up for it if you're any experience
  2. hello we're recuirting 5 guys for l2 eola feel free to pm me !
  3. As title says Mighty it's Recuirt a new generation o players with a good activity What we're Looking for is for smart/ "serious" players ( I mean not a Acting like a kid in any kind of Defeat) The Players must be Realy Active The Activity is very Important for us.. Also we're Looking for CPS to.. Please feel free to add me on Facebook. (tzelal Sali)
  4. well let's be honest right now. This server is not L2Sanity. http://l2sanity.com/forum/ <--- Contact ChroN and ask him he is online at forum.
  5. the recuirtment has been closed thanks for all the messeges!
  6. Good to know that :)
  7. as i said if you're interested hit me up with a msg at forum every other "flame" or bad comment will be ignored some random shit we are playing any kind of servers from low craft OFF/ HighRate PvP/Java servers
  8. then you have to remove custom weaps
  9. when is comming this crazy server?
  10. And what about Fortress Sieges like on Previous Nobility, you gonna add em to?
  11. i dont even know you i dont even know witch is your party i dont even care and you dont even know me ( i'm sure that you know me but i dont know you ) And why i must know how braveheart is doing who is this lol damn at 2015 everybody beacome legends