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  1. guys , is it possible for eu players to play on RU Essence server (and how? ) or we have to w8 for the EU official server? ty in advance.
  2. Den klevw kanenan, mono kati xaza paidakia san k esas pou dn xerete na klinete sumfwnies.  Δεν κλεβεις κανεναν , η μονο μερικα χαζα παιδακια τελικα... μπερδευτηκε το πραγμα ..
  3. well done , this new zone seems very interesting ... ;)
  4. ineed the best ionterface in l2interlude /welldone!
  5. the best interlude mid rate experience i had in my l2 lifetime was on L2sublimity projects !! i'll be there with my buddys , i hope u guys give it a try it really worth it . :)