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  1. Website - https://www.vgclan.tk Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VirtualGames.Clan/ Started - 2002 Leader - Blacki Voice - Discord Language - Portuguese Members - 35+ Server - L2Remorse - Classic x10 Status - Recruiting only Portuguese ppl , PM Blacki ingame or apply in our web Join the oldest clan in L2 history, Make ot Harder !!
  2. btw we are recruiting portuguese ppl for vG
  3. Server up and running, really good fights !!
  4. Recruiting Portuguese ppl. Pm Blackfui ingame or apply here http://www.guilded.gg/r/BK8jyn1NnR?i=ndlkvbR4
  5. Really good server, Smooth opening with 4k online. A bit of p2w still better then under the desk donates.
  6. vG will join the server. Really good clans already in to. Keep it corruption free and we will see ...
  7. vGames will join this server. Already tested and seems trully good
  8. We will start in a new server. https://www.guilded.gg/-vG/games/LineageII
  9. Recruit aberto novamente . Pm blacki ingame our apply here http://www.guilded.gg/r/BK8jyn1NnR?i=ndlkvbR4
  10. Our clan was formed in 2002 to play UT 99 ... Continuamos com o recruit aberto