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  1. Yes, someone tried to scam me using a fake pufa discord, be vigilent, his discord id: MrMolly#5390 and his profile
  2. I am sorry about you guys, i sold him around 100kk adena but i my case everything went fine
  3. Giran : SE 63,30% (no vip,100 fruits, 2x 50%xp 7 day) 30 euro Talking Island: Adena 0.9 $/1kk big stock Necromancer 73 (Vip 2 18 days,50 fruit,lvl 3 clan bracelet,1x50% xp 7 days,20 30% xp scrolls, all skills learned) 120 euro Dark Avenger 72,81% (no vip, 15x 30 xp scrolls,130 fruits,clan bracelet lvl 2, 1 epic rare accesory box 30 days,1xdoll of border baium 7 days,1x7 day xp 50% rune box,no hamstring ) 120 euro Hell Knight 76 (no vip,100 fruits,20x30% xp,12x40,13x100,4 days of 50% xp rune, clan bracelet lvl 3) 230 euro
  4. 4x dc robe set 3x tallum robe set 3x tallum heavy set 2x maj heavy set 1x maj robe set 1x MA set 1x Draco set 1x IC set 6-7x TTS set 4x AM acumen 1x HD 1x S-grade duals +4 Adena: 3 bil Lucky Gold Coins: 140 Characters: Gladiator - oly char: lvl 80 noble / IC set / Duals +4 / 2x oly sticks / S jewels +4...+6 / augments + 10 BOG / rdy to register) Bishop: lvl 80, noble TH/Necro/SPS: lvl 80, noble Chars with alliance lvl 5 (ketra/varka): SPS (not noble) Bonus for buying more chars/items: Gnom (all A/S armors and weapons registered) and his warehouse -> many random things: lots and lots of materials, many random A armor full parts (maj/nm/tallum/dc), BOGs, cry/gems S grade, AA, Sealed full S jewels, enchants A/S, tons of life stones mid/high grade.
  5. his profile : i gave him 50% of my items and he said he would give half the money then i send the other items and he will send me the money. he accepted the trade and delogged fast , and unfriended me on skype here are some ss:
  6. WTS adena, or full char l2 redemption sps :vesper noble set foundation +6 120 attr , vesper caster +6 300 attr water, pvp defense belt s grade,skills+15-30,olf shirt+10, all stat tatto 35billions adena in stock pm for more info