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  1. As the title says. I sell adena on L2 Reborn interlude x1 10€=1kk. Stock: 15kk Trusted seller and only real interested customers. I have no problem using a middle man as long as the fees are paid by the customer. Discord: smurfsadena#9352 PM me here.
  2. Im selling DB+6 FOCUS. Server: L2eu.com x7 Lionna Price: 40€ Skype: kyvany_69 PM here or Skype.
  3. Wait, wait, wait , Are u saying that u CAN BOT in the new l2eu.com interlude server x7 lionna? If ur answ is yes, plz PM me we can make deals.
  4. Give me key for this server plz! L2eu.com New Interlude x7 Lionna.
  5. Im selling my smurf gold V with MMR gold 3 for 40€. Skype: eloboostlowprice. Paypal. If u need more screenshots or more info just PM, post or add me skype. Totaly fair. Im selling all my lol stuff.
  6. Now the thread its okey and according with the rules right?
  7. Ohh sry photos incoming. Btw the account its platinum 1 50lp at the moment but it will be diamond V when i found a serious customer like all my accounts. Some proofs of my other sold accounts. Old sold accounts: Current account to sell