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  1. He bought my SE+WL, Everyting went good . Good luck and see you later :)
  2. WTS Lv80 Sword Muse (SWS ) with +6 doom heavy set, +8 Deadman's Glory with 80 combat scroll , 350 Sayha Cookie etc et, Give me your offer in Private msg PRICE IS CHEAP!
  3. Yes he does. He wanted to buy me aswell..HE wroteme. I answer him afterthat No answer. So i ignored him .
  4. L2 WARLAND WTS GOLDS around 30k atm Feel free to ask , Best Regards!
  5. L2reborn: SE lv 66 with every skill learn Warlord Lv 52+ all skill learned SOLD SE 52+ all skill learned (focus 3, vamp 2, empo3 , Dw2 etc) SOLD Leave me priv msg and we can talking about them.
  6. This guy -- Melinusam discord -- oOOo#7226 tired to scam me yesterday night aswell. I have a proofs too. His nick here : AllisonFrom --- WTB L2WARLAND TOP ITEMS/GOLD I think he has couple of accounts here. BE CAREFULL !! Ban him +1
  7. As a tittle say i selling Adena, AA ,TOD , Chars etc For more info pm here with your skype adress or discord. Best regards!
  8. WTB ITEMS, SET, WEAP, EPICS on l2warland . Pm here with your SKYPE adress.
  9. ZAKEN OBT ALREADY IS OUT! WILL BE MOST POPULAR SERVER! BE READY FOR THE BATTLE!! Eminence bow +12 , PL set +6 etc.. Shillen Knight lv 50 with 2nd class q, Email Elven Elder lv 40 With Email 2nd q lot of exp scrolls Phantom Ranger lv40+ with 2nd class q, Email Bladedancer lv 59 , Email Hawkeye lv58 , Email DA lv 40 E mail Warcryer lv 52 Bounty Hunter lv47 Crafter lv47 !Prophet lv 53 with 2nd class q , Email, Necromancer lv 40+ with 2nd class q , Email Abyss Walker lv58 + with 2nd class q ,Email DA lv55, Email And more ... WTS Adena !! Stock : 0 Prices can be negotation Pm here or SKYPE!
  10. WTS GAMECOAST chars Rogue, Cleric,bd lv 24 all for --> 25 euro skpye or pm : takilaszlo90
  11. WTS lv76 ES - Female lv 76 TH - MALE lv76 DA - MALE Pm here or skype : takilaszlo90 Best Regards!