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  1. L2 Mordor (Gondor x4) : WTB: Adena Items (sets, weps, etc) Epics chars Contact: PM here , Skype: live:lexbd
  2. Check this server if u are interested in long-term project. 3+ months old and still 2,2k online in evenings ;)
  3. ofc winter, which start on september becouse its getting colder and u have more time to sit on PC :D
  4. Low rate is the best. Anything custom is risky, as far as L2 is old game and we dont have much NEW players, mostly its old players coming back to play once again :)
  5. The best way to choose character is to know your play style, u like to make dmg, heal, be support or? x25 servers sometimes allow you to have multiple boxes, but it depends, cuz there are also those who forbid it. Also buffer is important, if u got it or not (ingame). Best option is mage for start. Its easy to play and have good firepower, but its up to you in the end.
  6. Nice, hope will work on server i play on, did u got any crashes or Critical Error with this?
  7. If u type Lineage 2 classic / oldschool music in youtube you can find it. Also try to type name of towns from game like Dion Theme, Giran Theme etc.
  8. Trusted seller, 100% reccomendation, fast trade and fair. Bonuses.
  9. L2 Mordor (Gondor x4) WTS Chars: EE 55 WRC 78 (noblesse) BD 78 SWS 78 BD 75 CAT 76 Archer 78 (noblesse) Destro 78 Destro 65 Warlord 71 WTS ITEMS: AQ / Zaken / Core / Orfen / Tezza / Valakas / Baium Draconic Leather Set ++ HD+3 Focus Saint Spear Haste DB+3 Focus I can provide any Item. Any char / PwLvl Just Ask. Payment: Paypal/Skrill WTB: Adena/chars/items Epics: AQ / Tezza / Baium / Zaken S sets / Weapons (HD\DB\AM) Contact: Skype: live:lexbd PM here