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  2. For sell these characters TOGETHER: Khavatari Lvl 79 (All Skills) + 75 Subclass lvl + Nobless + DC light set full unsealed + 140kk + Jewels WC lvl 78 full C Grade BD lvl 79 full C Grade SWS lvl 70 Full C Grade Contact me in Priv if u are interested.
  3. WTS Storm Screamer lvl 77 with subclass necro 64, -Naked Wts SE lvl 70 Full Karmian + Homu Convertion PM for Prices
  4. WTS 2 Chars LVL 20 on l2 Reborn Cleric - lvl 20 Dark Wizard - lvl 20 Can provide tunic set + 1k Spirit ores D
  5. thanks for your help, i will do as you say hope it will work :), tanks again for your help .
  6. paypal only give me 1 choice which is only to them know if it was authorized by me or not, otherwise maybe they wont help me , but if u ban him is ok :) thanks for ur help
  7. here are the images in the correct way of the conversation: Everything start when i make a publication that i need a WC in Raidfight x3. this guy contacted me for the Price of the WC, i told him that i buy Warcryer and now i am looking for a Warlock, private message from MaxCheaters forum. In the blue marks is the name of my Skype, second part of the private message from MaxCheaters. in this part i added him on Skype; Here is the name on Skype: now is the conversation i had with him in Skype. when he told me about the price i though it was good cus i had someone that was giving me similar price just that now he was out of stuck and i needed as soon as possible. this conversation was yesterday Sunday 12 April 2020. the following conversation was made today Monday 13 April 2020. First image that i send him doing the payment from paypal: Second picture that transaction was done: Scammer Reactions :/
  8. cant upload more cus of MB Limits
  9. I've been scammed by this user, he was trying to sell me an ACC in RaidFightx3, at the end i decide to buy from him some adena cus he offer me that also, after i made the payment he didn't delivered me the product, and waste my time.
  10. WTB Power Level in L2 Raidfight x3 Interlude, from LVL 66 to LVL 76, i can pay $ or Adena CLOSE
  11. I love to play LOW rate servers with NO BOX because that's the real game, no sense to play other rates. quits the value of the game, high rates make characters useless.
  12. Hello, I would like to sell League of Legends Account in the server EUNE. Has all the champions Has 526 Skins, 4 ultimate skins, 14 mythic skins, 36 legendary skins 177 epic skins 142 legacy skins and 24 chromas. Make ur offers in priv
  13. I would like to buy Warlock in Raidfight x3 lvl 75 + Make offers in Priv Thanks in Advance.. Close