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  1. are you still here talking for that redmoon? xDxDxD I start to think that your avatar reflects you at full scale...
  2. You need somthing like this: begin while true do begin engine.settarget('name of npc'); delay(200); engine.dlgopen; engine.dlgsel('Something_1'); delay(200); engine.dlgsel('something_2'); delay(1000); end; end.
  3. Celestine i would appreciate it if you could delete this guys spam in my thread. I did not make the script to make a living out of this - i made for personal use and sell if people are interested. I am certain that your scripts are working fine, noone mentioned nextarget in this thread so i dont understand what's the problem.
  4. Dear cheaters, Here is my script for tanks to protect your Main Assister or anyone you want (from your party or in general) from enemies that cast a skill on them. Feel free to test/use it, it works. Made this function now and thought i should share with you guys Have fun all Link: https://pastebin.com/kF5UJsEm If you would like to buy my pvp script, here you can find more information:
  5. really nice work. It might not be efficient since its in a premature stage, but very nice!!!
  6. Script is correct. If it is not working, is because adrenaline has blocked Engine.Say() due to reasons i don't know :D
  7. Here's a script for mass pm/mail (all credit goes to adr.bot I only fixed few errors) Should be working except if there is any server protection (?) against this. Try and let me know in the comments below. Have a nice day all [Hidden Content]
  8. 1k with multiple accounts/offline shops yes. top activity AHUEHUE! vercetti pet
  9. I'm talking for redmoon A-male. who cares for destiny. don't change topic :D