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  1. It's been a while since i posted here. Glad to be back :) WTS 300 billion adena - 3.8 euros / bil & the following items in Naia - NcWest server: - Blue Cat 6 - Sapphire 6 - +18 R110 DARK BOW 450 3SA For item prices message me and ask. Also sell the following account, with items mentioned included: Price = 1,700 euro Feoh Spellhowler 112 lvl / Aeore Cardinal 107 50% Forgotten Power - Magical Attack lvl 30 Forgotten Power - Elemental Guard lvl 16 Forgotten Power - Armor Defense lvl 16
  2. Selling Bloody r99 retributer +17 3sa - 1,150 eur Server: Naia, NcWest Skype: derian4real Discord: sofT#1284
  3. WTS adena Giran server NcWest Price: 0.85 e/1kk skype:live:je.fer.son2006
  4. WTB following items or similar: - bloody retributer +14/15 - pvp r99 robe set +11/12 - 50 b adena skype: derian4real
  5. WTS Adena in Giran Server NcWest. Price 1 euro/kk Skype: live:je.fer.son2006
  6. Thanks for the feedback - any contribution to my github is welcome if you feel like doing so.
  7. - L2 SOFTWARE - Dear Mxc Community, It took me months to decide publishing my script for Lineage 2. This will probably be the biggest share in any Lineage 2 relevant forum. I am the rightful owner/writer of this script, part of which was based on a script made by a person i appreciate a lot and without whom i would not be able to share mine today, with you. I will keep his name private for self-explanatory reasons. Full functionalities of the script can be found down below. You can find the full script and fork it from my gi
  8. Kalispera, ti exoume edw kurioi? Sebasmos sta futa parakalw. Eimai kai egw ena...
  9. You are not the only person writing/selling pvp script for Lineage. And this seller's content is authentic. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  10. Is this server still alive? exceeded my 1 week expectations. amazing.