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  1. It's been a while since i posted here. Glad to be back :) WTS 300 billion adena - 3.8 euros / bil & the following items in Naia - NcWest server: - Blue Cat 6 - Sapphire 6 - +18 R110 DARK BOW 450 3SA For item prices message me and ask. Also sell the following account, with items mentioned included: Price = 1,700 euro Feoh Spellhowler 112 lvl / Aeore Cardinal 107 50% Forgotten Power - Magical Attack lvl 30 Forgotten Power - Elemental Guard lvl 16 Forgotten Power - Armor Defense lvl 16 Most Skills bewteen +12 to 17 x2 Lvl 4 Legendary Dye INT x1 Lvl 5 Legendary Dye INT Veteran Mask +3 Atlas Earring +12 Dragon shirt +5 Shiny Elemental Shirt +7 ------------------------------------------------------ La Vie en Rose's Brooch lvl 2. Saphhire lvl. 4 Amethyst lvl. 4 Obsidian lvl 4. Opal lvl. 4 Blue Cat lvl. 3 ------------------------------------------------------ Lucien's Bracelet Magic +6 Evolved agathion Taurus stage 2 Agathion Capricorn - Stage 4 Agathion Cancer - Stage 7 ------------------------------------------------ Augments: Giant's Battle Roar lvl 1, Reflect lvl 3 (old aug), Spell Refresh lvl 3 (old aug), Clarity lvl 3 (old aug), Party Recall, etc. Also the account has x1 30-day XP Runes and x1 30-day Prestige Pack (Drop rate/adena runes etc.)
  2. Selling Bloody r99 retributer +17 3sa - 1,150 eur Server: Naia, NcWest Skype: derian4real Discord: sofT#1284
  3. WTS adena Giran server NcWest Price: 0.85 e/1kk skype:live:je.fer.son2006
  4. WTB following items or similar: - bloody retributer +14/15 - pvp r99 robe set +11/12 - 50 b adena skype: derian4real
  5. WTS Adena in Giran Server NcWest. Price 1 euro/kk Skype: live:je.fer.son2006
  6. Thanks for the feedback - any contribution to my github is welcome if you feel like doing so.
  7. - L2 SOFTWARE - Dear Mxc Community, It took me months to decide publishing my script for Lineage 2. This will probably be the biggest share in any Lineage 2 relevant forum. I am the rightful owner/writer of this script, part of which was based on a script made by a person i appreciate a lot and without whom i would not be able to share mine today, with you. I will keep his name private for self-explanatory reasons. Full functionalities of the script can be found down below. You can find the full script and fork it from my github account for free: Regards, Software Functionalities 1. 6 Class-based customizable Hotkeys to select targets from a list of preselected classes, that are either flagged or belong to a clan with War. If Hotkey is pressed again, you change to the 2nd closest target from the desired Classlist, if pressed again to the 3rd and then back to 1st again providing a variety of targets to choose from, without being restrained to 1-2 targets. e.g. "Hotkey 1 assigned: "p" -- Select closest targets from List 1:{x,y,z,...,t}, where x,y,etc. are the classes you group in the same list. 2. Interrupt Skills casted by enemies with High/Mid/Low priority, using a skill that you select. 3. 1 Hotkey for Auto-targeting ON/OFF. When the current target dies script selects the next closer to you target. If class-based Hotkey is pressed target changes to the desired one. 4. 1 Hotkey for Events ON/OFF. This option is useful for mid/high rate server with events (TvT, Domination,5v5,Treasure Hunt, etc.) For pvp in open world (out of events) Events:OFF which is set by default. 5. 1 Hotkey for Blacklist ON/OFF. This is is used when in a mass pvp you wish to focus 1 ally/clan specifically and not hit others. When this mode is ON, you will take targets only classes from this ally/clan, ignoring other wars/flagged around you. Auto-targeting/res-kill are also adjusted for this case, when Blacklist ON. (added 17/11/2018) 6. SkillCast. Assign a hotkey/button to use skills that you select. The skill casting is accelerated as if you were using macros for maximum dps and will attack any target without having to use CTRL. While hotkey is pressed, you spam the pre-selected skills non stop - after you let the hotkey button, casting ends. (added 21/1/2019) 7. 9v9 Mode. In addition to BlackList ON, using a list of character's names which will be "white-listed" (excluded from targeting) regardless of clan, war status, flagged or not, will give to the user the ability to 9v9 without picking unwanted targets, but strictly focusing on enemy party. (added 19/11/2018) 8. 1 customizable Hotkey for Auto-assisting ON/OFF. 9. Res-kill, with available option of choosing a skill you would like to cast automatically for rez-kill (rush/deathshot/etc.) depending on your class. It is needed only in open world pvp, so you need to have Events:OFF. 10. Dead Main-Assister - even when dead you will be able to select targets using the hotkeys or auto-target, same as if you were alive. 11. Anti-hate (for pts/off files it ignores hate - for java files when aggression de-buff is off, you take back the target you had before) 12. Anti-backstab 13. Anti-fear 14. HoldTarget 15 . Disarm 16. WarCount. It calculates wars within a big distance and prints in party chat the total number of wars around and the number of wars from each clan in detail. Available when Events:OFF. Lastly the script includes many build-in functions for effective targeting. Does not target medused players, players on celestial, etc. (GOD + Chronicles only) The script has gone through countless hours of testing - 0 bugs. Works in all chronicles of L2 from Interlude to GoD+ and Classic.
  8. Kalispera, ti exoume edw kurioi? Sebasmos sta futa parakalw. Eimai kai egw ena...
  9. You are not the only person writing/selling pvp script for Lineage. And this seller's content is authentic. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  10. Is this server still alive? exceeded my 1 week expectations. amazing.
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