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  1. Greetings everyone! ADENA SKELTH - ADENA GIRAN 1,8eu/1kk CHARACTERS GIRAN Phantom Sumoner 66 -> 100eu ITEMS GIRAN IEAB x5 ITEMS SKELTH CORE LvL 3 350eu Twiling Knife+4(Pasive WM4) 150eu Drake Leather Armor +8 80eu Sealed Dark Crystal Robe+6 40eu Doom Hvy Set+6 70eu Blue Wolf Hvy Set+6 70eu Blue Wolf Light Set+6 70eu Blue Wolf Robe Set +6 70eu Full Plate Set +6 30eu Agathion Bracelet LvL 4 20eu Dark Crystal Light Set FULL+4 200eu Damascus Sword+11 200eu Dual SLS+7 60eu Great Sword+10 100eu Othel 9 30eu CHARACTERS SKELTH CHARACTERS SKELTH PRICE Evass Templar Lvl78 150eu Tyrant Lvl80+WL77 200eu Spectral Dancer Lvl 79 150eu Adventurer Lvl 78,5 200eu Cardinal Lvl 78 120eu Sword Muse Lvl80 300eu Titan Lvl 79 150eu ALL CHARACTERS HAVE TICKETS/SCROLLS/RUNES SOME % EXTRA +++ EXTRA CHARS ON ACCS! Feel free to ask on Skype. ALL CHARACTERS ARE SAFE! Detail Info+Questions on Skype! Skype: idrivereu@gmail.com