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  1. Hello dear! If you are looking for best driver service. Welcome! PWLVL Service 1-78: 1-40 LvL: 1st+2nd Tranfer Quest ----> 50 eu [2 Days] 40-78 LvL-> 0,25eu /1kk xP 2nd Tranfer Quest -> 8eu 120kk-160kk xP Day! EXP Table-->Уровень_персонажа Detail Info+Questions on Skype! Skype:
  2. Greetings everyone! NA CLASSIC! Adena Giran-> 1kk= 0,3eu CHARS/ITEMS Warrior Helmet+8 WIT/DEX Set Knowledge+6 Hat 20%xp Hat 4mp recovery BD 78 with Siren 30eu PP 75 20eu EE 78 30eu ES 77 with Seraphin/magnus 30eu sws 77 renewal 30eu Pack Mage Buff-> BD,PP,EE,ES,SWS, 100eu ES PK char 77,40%. 30eu Train all lvl 74 with full gear. Offers BD,SWS,WC,SE,SPOIL,SK,TYRANT,BERSER,WK Detail Info+Questions on Skype! Skype: