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  1. adena 1b = 2e donations pounds 200dp = 15e hero clock = 20e epic belt physical attack = 12e vesper robe noble foundation set 6 + elemnt lvl 4 all parts = 20e zaken earing 20e frinteza neckless = 4e orfen earing = 4e Olf shirt +6 = 12e Accept paypal only Be CareFull There is a scamer usuing some fake skype make sure u connect with me
  2. Adena - 1kk = 0.25e stock 110kk - sold drake leather set - 5e sold CHars : elemntal summoner 42lv price 15e sold Shilen elder 43 lv price 16e sold bladedancer 43 price 6e Crafter 43 lv price 16e sold crafter and elemental summoner have same master acc and one e mail si im giving one of the cahr for free ;p PayPal only
  3. Have 1b adena more for sale 25E
  4. TH char 79 set+10 drake leather Phenix jewels +7+8 hat stats dex wit bracled duty lvl 5 Talisman VI 6lvl talisman of defence talisman of attack dark screamer+10 +othel lvl 10 2b in stock +a lot of mats for more info pm in site
  5. WTS all epics WTS all Chars/Supports noblesses WTS all S gear WTS Adena 25kk/1euro (stock 500kk)
  6. 27b - adena on stock 0.8e per 1b 120 donate pounds - 8e paymend - paypal vesper heavy noble set all parts +8 armor +6 all parts foundation (vesper shild +8 no foundation) pvp defence belt +6 . cp shirt +6 . zaken +5 . tezza neck . vesper dual dagger 300 +6 . Vigwik Axe +7 300 ele + health PACKEDGE PRICE , EVERYTHING 20euro
  7. SPH 78 soes +4 feoh rune lvl 5 karmain set +7+7+7+7+8 Jewels +7+7+8+8 +12 Bracelet of Duty lvl 5 Talisman of insolence VI (lvl 6) Wizard hat +1 INT Rune +1 all stats Pm skype morgann4o
  8. 2x AM w/ acument 2x DB w/ focus 2x DC robe set's 2x mj light sets 1x tallum hvy set 1x HD also some S itamz IC and draco. 4x SC 13lv , few TTs pm offers - paypal only
  9. Caster+12 -> price for whole char is 80 euro