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  1. CLOSE THE TOPIC items broke/gifted !
  2. ITEMS ARE GONE =BROKE AND GIFTED! Please close THIS TOPIC! Hello Dear community i am selling on l2 Masterwork the following items: Demon Splinter +6 (HEALTH) 75 Fire=40 Euros + Mid man cost Dragonic Set +3/3/4/3 with some atributs = 30 Euros+ Mid Man cost TT RING & Immortal Ring(Stun Ressistence) & Baylor Ring & Immortal Earing (Sun Ressistence) TT Neckles +3 + Mithril Breastplate set+9(D grade)= 20Euros + mid man cost if you wana buy all together the price is 70 euro as a bundle packed + u will get many other rewards like pets Mats and much more as a gift I a
  3. If u are still having them please add me(check private msg send u my discord) on discord for discusion
  4. I would like that this post is deleted ,i dont need anymore items on l2dex
  5. hello Sir add me on Discord i wana buy it : Daci#1154
  6. i just bought the bow from this guy TRUSTED SELLER !
  7. Hi i would like to buy items on l2dex new. The dragon bow f+8 &TT set+3 & the drago set what will be the price for that bundle?
  8. I added u on Discord but. I would like to know is it the new l2dex or the old l2dwx union,also i would like to know ur price ,pm me so we can discus.
  9. I want to start playing the new l2dex server and i want to buy some good geared Archer, Mage class (It has to be also the main class Archer or Mage) offer me here or much better on Discord with screenshot (Daci#1154) with: which class, gear, Adena, Tod, other stuff, skills ++, With Nobl or Without and How much u want for Your acc. I pay only Via Paypal.