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  1. This guy knows what he is doing and has experience with client edits. No more deMEV from now on. You have this excellent personality aLzhite who will assist you in geodata and other client edits without giving 1 milion dollars. I vouch for him.
  2. He can "trick" me and ask equivalent ammount ??? WTF.. This forum has suffered from old fashioned scammers and deMev is not an exception to this. Let me ask you this : You remembered to reply as his bitch 1 + month later after my first reply trying to defend a scambug with NO arguments. I don't care for the prices he is pricing his services neither I care less for what this douch is doing. All I am writing is that people who are going to have deals with him must be aware that what he asks is OUT OF THIS WORLD. If still someone has the money to spend and share it for free h
  3. Of course, you were totally correct. If someone does some research he will find the appropriate tools to make it on his own and it's not that difficult of a job at all. That's the reason I came here to expose him cuz his business scenario are out of this world and no one talked about him, all just lick him to have a free share map from him. What he does in reality is using Guildor's tools. Asking 1,5k for 1 geodata map set just makes him hilarious and I SHOULD TALK ABOUT THAT when I had my chance so here am I.
  4. So you are saying that he makes some kind of monopoly economy game and he is the only "giant" business in the whole world. That's BS. Exactly what I said before. He's just trying to find the asshole one who will pay him a fortune so he can be lazy the whole following year plus he doesn't care if his work won't sell at all. All he's looking around for is a victim customer and boom ! Convert euro to ukraine currency and see what I mean 😉
  5. That was exactly what I meant without clarifying myself. The resell factor is the general picture of what you say and that's the case. You resell something then you can't still expect everyone to spend a whole fortune because in reality you do nothing. It's job that you've done in the past. + Agree on all what you said for the L2J packs. That's why I told him to think of his pricing policy rather than asking such huge ammounts of money for something that is just copy / paste for him (at this point).
  6. It's not me who doesn't like but No one buys from you. Your prices are out of this world. Give me one admin that will spend 1500 euro just to buy your crappy geodata
  7. It's still freaking expensive. If a geodata has 30 maps how much he will need to pay 50 x 30 = 1500 Euro ? Also all your services are expensive and u request EURO ? Ur from Ukraine so you make a fortune with that money. Come on fix your prices and come back to talk again .
  8. Yes ask deMEV if you have 1 milion in your bank account cuz he charges 300 Eur per 1 map.
  9. If this is the best for you then you have very low perception of understanding things like games or l2 in general man.
  10. Good luck then ! I hope you got improved like for real.
  11. Didn't you open in the summer and fucking failed? Now what wipe re-open till we all die from your spam? Get lost kiddo you are worthless time waster to call that shit a server. Even from name playinera and shit go playmadick.
  12. (1) You constantly lying to everybody. (2) Nobody argued about your pricing you MOFO. They talk straight about your lmao kind of "protection" that you offer. Still you try to swift the conversation to the pricing tags to benefit yourself. But no one will buy something does and offers nothing like your project for their valued money. (3) Like I said someone who makes a topic advertising their services and in the same topic asks not to buy that services you must be a phycho maniac freak.
  13. 1. Bullshit, all item data apply and save for gracia epilogue still in the whole system. 2. I will find the right server I'm looking for that's correct. This Wouldn't be yours of course. Cheers
  14. Firstly, this server is NOT Gracia Final. It's Gracia Epilogue client. So I'm curious on why you present it as Gracia Final even if it never was. Secondly, the server has htmls, video promos and more coloristic features but inside in terms of Class Balance, Economy and functionality it's a total ZERO. Yes a total zero. When a mage is hitting me 23k dmg and I as a fighter give 250 dmg per hit. Especially this fact is something that would save many others time. Unfortunately it didn't mine with the fake hype you tried to create with NCSOFT's videos on your site and all th
  15. Nope, the community nowadays is not capable for such activities. Give them an adrenaline bot instead to watch their monitor farming Mobs.
  16. Don't waste your time with this guy, he is BR and doesn't have money to pay. All he can do is waste your time and then disappear without answering. - Untrusted and unprofessional kid.
  17. +1. There's nothing wrong with SMF.