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  1. The prices are reduced up to $100 for both source codes of $200, 2-3 buyers more sales will not be. I give up all developments. Skype for communication of nonsens18, private messages at a forum I read extremely seldom
  2. Till January 1 the price of each of source codes is reduced up to 120$ Upon purchase both price are 200$
  3. So in what fraud? Tell in more detail? And that it is direct interestingly became. And then read the first post in this subject, then once again read it. Also think, the person received what is written or not?
  4. Yes honestly I do not give a damn, do what you want, you can go into hysterics further with foam at a mouth. As I already told the source code, but not I together with it is on sale. As I already besides wrote it is not obliged to give updates, I sell the source code in that look in what it is on the date of sale if you do not have enough mind, either there is not enough knowledge or there are not enough brains to understand that you want, then these are only your problems. p.s. And what language to me to learn or not to learn to solve only to me.
  5. Concerning netty, at sale I did not say that I will not develop the source code further, and also did not say that I will give updates to someone free of charge, it is also possible to learn when the person bought an outcome? and I will show with vcs when there was a transition to netty and I am for some reason sure that after purchase by this individual. About what person you speak I it is aware, and explained a situation, the person decided to pour on me shit. OK, me in principle all the same. The test is issued from the same source code as is on sale. So your arguments besides any. p.s. bugged only you brains p.s.2 Also it is not specified anywhere what in this source code demands nothing completion and everything corresponds offlike to the platform that any problem cannot get out (if it is in general a problem, 99% of administrators like you, cannot distinguish jre from jdk, isn't it?)
  6. I had a hater? You would support the arguments though with something.
  7. I want to provide to your look 2 emulators Interlude и Epilogue. In both emulators there are all necessary services, full-function Community Board (Buffer, Teleport, ProfManager, Shop, Event Register, Services) Events: Capture The Flag, Team vs Team, Last Hero, KoreanStyle, and offlike etc. Both emulators are based on the source code OverWorld\LostWorld (downgrade) There is a support of npcmakers with platform pts, the most part of mechanics is also directed to compliance with pts. To describe everything that is implemented and made will take a lot of time to whom it will be interesting will write to me to Skype. The source code, the price separately of 200 usd, for both 300 usd is on sale directly. To Skype for communication of nonsens18, for the test to whom I will interestingly give the compiled emulators with restrictions and advertizing.