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  1. 1) Im not sure about quests. Should you show me on Skype, what quest is from Hi5? :) 2) Mmm, need to test again. Its not problem to fix it. ( in Bug report section on forum is not exist. ) 3) Yes, this i know, sometimes default buttons not react. 4) Why? Easy to set rewards for users. 5) You tried with Task Manager? :) 6) This buffer is only for testing. Soon will be published our Schema Buffer in CB. 7) Yes, after your attention I working on it :) ( For this I really thank :) ) 8) I dont know what you mean, but 100% aIl AIs are not implemented than on L2Off I will try to finish earlier. :D
  2. Hello, Kara, yes code is older, because he did it my young brother. Anyway, thank you for check it :) . For your sweet sleeping I updated the code and working on remove old FastList, FastMap..etc.. :-D Have a nice day. hugs and kisses
  3. I never call you stupid person :-) I said it about your "friend" Also you can add me on skype and write all these on it. This topic is not chatting room. Thank you.
  4. Good morning. The price is determined by ourselves. We currently run on java 8. In the future we want to go to java 10. For Kara: To satisfy you. I will update the code and remove the old one.... :-) L2jPDT
  5. Hi Kara, I'm sorry you're not happy. I know you're the developer of a one client who can not even set buff time, htm(s) and rates... But I do not care. About Java 7 .. not all need to be reworked to Java 8 or Java 10 if working fine. If you download clean l2j you will not have quests in Java, gracia continent with bosses, new AI(s) for NPC(s) and monster(s), new zones, working GBs and more more more + our customs. Its fine to see first negative reply. Anyway, thank you and think about what you wrote - it's not fair. L2jPDT
  6. Hello everyone, First topic updated and now you can download last configuration files of 424 rev. Have a nice day L2jPDT
  7. Gallery: L2jPDT Facebook Contact us on Skype: L2jPrivateDevelopersTeam Contact us on Email: l2jprivatedevteam@gmail.com L2jPDT Forum: http://l2jprivate-developers-team.eu/ Download: Configurations of stable version: Click here for download Price: 50 Euro FREYA Paypal: Contact us for our Paypal