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  1. Yes, but i cannot find these armors. I think its a only effect or not?
  2. ahhh. So its like dress me? Just replacing armors id 1 with id2 and with id3 ? Thank you :)
  3. Hello, I looking for help in packets... Visual Armor Glow Effects A new visual glow effect has been added to armor sets that have been enchanted to +6 or higher. Anyone has experiences with that? THX
  4. Thank for your dramatic story. Anyway thank you for your older comments to our source. You say "Why you using javalution" - we removed it. "why you not using shorted if/else" - we started to using.. and more and more. Its offtopic. Thank you Kara or Cardinal of the hole world.
  5. Yes, because I wonder if he did. :D I found solution for that...
  6. Hi, but background for table in older chronicles than hi5? :)
  7. A project that builds on stable updates. Our customers receive great support from us. We creating your customs for your server. Lets DOWNLOAD free version. Social and Media: Gallery: L2jPDT Facebook Contact us on Skype: l2jprivatedevteam ( L2jPrivate Developers Team ) Contact us on Email: l2jprivatedevteam@gmail.com Website: L2jPDT Website Download free version: Free verison rev 526 (6.3.2019) Paypal: Contact us for our Paypal Price: Scroll down for price Server Specification: Java 8 Full Java server Easy to Configurate. Removed custom Javalution Reworked connections to safety New htm(s) designs Server ready under 20 seconds. New AI ( in beta ) Stable updates on SVN Datapack Specification: Freya client Geodata Included Working Vitality system, Rune XP/SP etc... New zones working ( SMTG, Plains of Lizards. with Seer Urugos ) New Raid Boss and Grand Bosses updated to Freya ( Valakas, Antharas, Frintezza...) Working Gracia Seed of Infinity with Ekimus Working Seed of Destruction and Seed of Annihilation Working Freya instances bot modes Seven Signs with configurable rewards New Items and skills New AIs for monsters and raids ... and more -> Download our last test version Download: Download free version: Free verison rev 526 ( 6.3.2019 ) Pricing Plans: Before you buy, we recommend to use test version, there is no limitations for you. Once you are satisfied and want to buy access to SVN. Contact us and we will all talk, answer questions and advise how to set up a server and where to choose hosting ( hosting for L2j server only for Europeans )