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  1. Hello, i want to finish 4 raids spirit in classics. Where I can find x,y,z coordinates where is right place for these RBs?
  2. Hello / good morning, I developing Seven Signs update of Classics client and I want to implement Spirit Info and Manager. Someone who knows how to get packets for these features? or any help to get it or tip? Can I parse all packets from installed client? :) Thank you.
  3. Hello, I want to ask how to get Abnormal Visual Effects IDs from client. Because I missing some ave effects for client classics SS. Thank you very much for help.
  4. Yes, but i cannot find these armors. I think its a only effect or not?
  5. ahhh. So its like dress me? Just replacing armors id 1 with id2 and with id3 ? Thank you :)
  6. Hello, I looking for help in packets... Visual Armor Glow Effects A new visual glow effect has been added to armor sets that have been enchanted to +6 or higher. Anyone has experiences with that? THX
  7. Thank for your dramatic story. Anyway thank you for your older comments to our source. You say "Why you using javalution" - we removed it. "why you not using shorted if/else" - we started to using.. and more and more. Its offtopic. Thank you Kara or Cardinal of the hole world.
  8. Yes, because I wonder if he did. :D I found solution for that...
  9. Hi, but background for table in older chronicles than hi5? :)
  10. Hello everyone, First topic updated and now you can download last configuration files of 424 rev. Have a nice day L2jPDT
  11. Hello everyone, now you can download our stable configuration files for Freya client. These files are from stable version and our new not tested updates not included in this files. Download Configurations files for stable version - Freya - Click here for download ( not included configuration from beta (freya) mean new not tested updates ) Have a nice day L2jPDT