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  1. ONLY BETWEEN: 01.07.2019 - 31.07.2019 UPDATER FOR 30 EURO!
  2. So, it's been awhile since my last topic from 2018 in Graphic Section, but I finally found a way to offer You my work: - Updater with custom template, created with Photoshop and coded with C++, - Logo created in Photoshop, can be imported in utx and used in game, - Banner created and animated in Photoshop, - Facebook cover created an animated in Photoshop, - Website, created in Photoshop, exported in html. I will update my topic with more previews, but if anyone need a graphic designer, add me on Skype: live:ziajka98
  3. Thank You, I'm not in rush, it was my frist project like that, but I will search for someone skilled :D
  4. Hello Here is my first template. Judge it and leave me Your opinion :D PS - I still need to find someone to code it :D
  5. Hello everyone I'm new in here, but if You are looking for cool graphics designs, send me a message. Soon I will post some previews of my work :D Thank You!
  6. Hello I think I missed this section, so Hi everyone <3 :D
  7. You can use free application to do that - just search on google "download website" :)
  8. I've register just to get that :D Thank You :D