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  1. Hi, I can find and cut a backdoor. Skype: qfatalonp
  2. If you remove this condition, the sale will work, but this is not the right decision. It is better to consider when we sell through NPCs, and when through CommunityBroad.
  3. Limit packet forwarding for animation to 1 time per 200 milliseconds. This will solve your question.
  4. http://gvbits.ru/file/src/lucera2-RC7.4(source).7z
  5. COSTUME MODE: example. <armor id="9555" name="Costume"> <set name="crystal_type" value="NONE"/> <set name="icon" value="icon.etc_magic_coin_gold_i02"/> <set name="price" value="500000"/> <set name="type" value="DRESS"/> <set name="weight" value="10"/> <set name="displayId_FORMAL_WEAR" value="7864" /> //Apella Display <equip> <slot id="UNDERWEAR"/> </equip> </armor>
  6. http://gvbits.ru/file/build(GVBITS)_9qGfPhVWg5.zip
  7. http://gvbits.ru/file/build(GVBITS)_9qGfPhVWg5.zip https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/4c24987b01acc9e29c09074215de1c3400b78a6cc55b7d40603743396d4d97f3/detection I advise you to pay attention, try, instructions inside.
  8. I am developing Interlude Final. If you are interested in writing, there is something to show.
  9. I'm for fair deals. People who work with me do not allow me to accept other orders. Constantly gives me a job :) My reputation is weak on mxc, but soon I will raise it in this forum. I wish you solve problems, you can not leave everything as it is. That next time at other user did not have problems. A strange programmer who writes 10 lines per week. 1.15 drains per day. :D
  10. The situation is ordinary. There are 2 options. 1. Money back 2. finish order without any questions. p.s why do you agree to work through Team Viewer? This is not very convenient, and takes at least 2 times more time to work.
  11. Write me, I have a lot of groundwork. Perhaps one of them will interest you. (UNIQUE!)