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  1. I am developing Interlude Final. If you are interested in writing, there is something to show.
  2. Good day members of the forum. I will sell the source code of the emulator. About emulator: The patch is compiled based on the gracia final . All Interlude content. Phantoms were also developed, the emulator was already live online, and tested. This patch works on clients from Interlude - HF5. In the video, I show an example of 2 clients. With this patch, you get fps 2.5 times more than 746 protocol. And besides all the possibilities of the client Gracia Final. If you are interested, I will make the English version. I will answer in more detail in skype: qfatalonp
  3. I'm for fair deals. People who work with me do not allow me to accept other orders. Constantly gives me a job :) My reputation is weak on mxc, but soon I will raise it in this forum. I wish you solve problems, you can not leave everything as it is. That next time at other user did not have problems. A strange programmer who writes 10 lines per week. 1.15 drains per day. :D
  4. The situation is ordinary. There are 2 options. 1. Money back 2. finish order without any questions. p.s why do you agree to work through Team Viewer? This is not very convenient, and takes at least 2 times more time to work.
  5. Write me, I have a lot of groundwork. Perhaps one of them will interest you. (UNIQUE!)
  6. Write me in Skype, I can be a performer.
  7. Good you follow up on this. A person is satisfied with my product and work as a whole. According to the rules there is no ban on the poster of my products.
  8. Привет. Можешь проверить мой GeoEngine. Если что, пиши.
  9. What is the problem to add a bypass with the parameter from html (skillId). And assign the player the desired level immediately? Before that, put a check on the withdrawal of items and the like.
  10. Use version 13, with crack. What is the problem?