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  1. I am developing Interlude Final. If you are interested in writing, there is something to show.
  2. Good day members of the forum. I will sell the source code of the emulator. About emulator: The patch is compiled based on the gracia final . All Interlude content. Phantoms were also developed, the emulator was already live online, and tested. This patch works on clients from Interlude - HF5. In the video, I show an example of 2 clients. With this patch, you get fps 2.5 times more than 746 protocol. And besides all the possibilities of the client Gracia Final. If you are interested, I will make the English version. I will answer in more detail in skype: qfatalonp
  3. Hello, dear forum members maxcheaters.com Who does not know me. I am the developer of the Interlude emulator, I also have my own protection. My website: click I'm working on the code, as with ... and without it on the decompiler. As for the build, I provide a test server for testing what you want. My services: Work on the code (with and without) any complexity. Java 1. Install / configure Web Strapping. (Connecting to the server, forum) 2. Installing the server on any OS 3. Server configuration for individual tariffs 4. Working with Java.sql.html.xml 5. Develop scripts, quests and any heresy, come up with Java 6. Assemblies "turnkey" on a unique assembly: only "Classic Server" Much that I can, always the main desire. I work on a 50% prepayment - since I'm sure that the order will be executed. I do not work for% of the donation. The client must correctly express his idea, so that the work is not wasted. I also work as a guarantor in transactions. My contacts: ICQ: 685-308-391 SKYPE: qfatalonp IMPORTANT -> I do not have any other contacts.