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  1. Is there any good free recovery tool ? I want to recover some photos i have deleted from an external hard drive. Searched and downloaded few but it only recovers like 20% of the photos
  2. Screw all those who complain about shits. you can never make it perfect for everyone..and those who dont find it perfect will always say "fail serverrrrrrrrr" so..... keep up. u doing great
  3. Opening at 13 April 20:00 GMT+2 General Informations Server Type: CUSTOM PVP Chronicle: Interlude Rates: 3000x Starting level: 80 Starting zone: Talking Island Vilage Customized killing spree system (Like on dota) Easy farm 3 farm zones 5 customized raidbosses 1 Party zone (changes everyday at 18:00) Pvp zones changing every hour Solo and party dungeons Max subclasses: 7 Max clan members: 20 (No alliances) Speed boost to all characters 99 Buff slots (VIP buffs included via vote coins) Enchant Rates Safe: 4 Max: 18 Normal scrolls: 65% Blessed scrolls: 60% ( +14 max for weapon / +12 max for armor ) If you fail it goes back to +4 Crystal scrolls: 45% ( +18 max for weapon / +14 max for armor) If you fail it goes back -1 Augment Rates Stackable active augments ( 1 passive + more actives ) Mid Grade LS: 10% (Farm Zones) High Grade LS: 15% (Dungeons & shop via event coin) Top Grade LS: 20% (Party Zones, Party Dungeons & shop via vote coins) Made for you with love and alot of involvment
  4. must be in configs like 10x amount of a crap in my opinion...and those who play are the same. joined to check...40-50 online before wipe..guess what? website showing me 2k anyway...honestly i can just say congrats..... a guy who knows how to invest in his advertising and earning a nice amount of $$$ from he's ......... crap server
  5. Mate , this is not how my server looks like :|
  6. Yes,these are gevorakoc files. Means the server is L2jFrozen. But, there are few things added for wich i have paid , alot of classes reworked ,so even if this server is Full of customs i can say it is properly balanced, there are more classes seen in pvp zone (Archer,sps,sph,necro,tyrant,titan,duelist,paladin,dominator etc....) The price is 20 EURO,I cannot ask more (most of you know why) but still cannot ask less.It comes with Pack+Source+Database+Patch+Installation. Contains all the NPC's needed for a custom interlude server.Like: GM Shop Full Buffer Donation Manager Pvp/pk ranking Skill Enchanter Augmenter Individual Vote Api ( bought from @Reborn12 ) Siege Manager Classes Manager Password Changer Casino Maximilian with all subclasses available All the NPC's have a beautiful template design ( credits for the templates are not mine of course ) Some features : L2Virus Features Rates Experience:300x. Skill Points:300x. Adena:1200x Safe 3/Max 16 Normal Scroll:50% Blessed Scroll:40% (You don't loose enchant level if you fail) Crystal Scroll:100% (Rb/Vote) Stackable active augments.(1 passive + ∞ actives) Mid Grade LS: 35%. High-Grade LS: 40% Top-Grade LS: 45% Farm Items Custom Armor Custom Weapons Dyes Lifestones Book of Giants Enchant Scrolls Book of Giants Custom Armor (Poseidon) Custom Weapons (Icarus) 60+ Custom masks & haristyles. 2 Agathions. 2 Custom Cloaks (Mage & Fighter) 5 Custom Shields (Nephilim Lord & I.Warlord Zombie) Epic jewels Clan Skills Clan level quest items. Noblesse Coin Hero Coin Custom Armor Weapons Zones Farm: Langk Lizardmen Dwellings (Moobs wich drop some of the items mentioned above) Farm-PvP [Solo Zone]: Antharas Nest (Auto-Flag zone on enter, you must fight for your spot.Better drop than on "Farm zone". (Zone bought from @Solomun ) This zone system is ment to work like this: when characters enter the zone,their names are changed into Virus (or whatever you want to configure it),their accesories,hero aura,gendre are changed.They cannot chat,trade,restart in the area.The clan crests are removed. I have added this zone to avoit clan zerg (20 members vs 2 ppl farming).You must fight for your spot inside the area,gaining as much top ls and blessed scrolls as you can,since the augment system is 1 + more actives. The settings: Raid Boss Zone: Baium's Lair .There is 1 powerful raidboss inside this area (Bakasura). Take your clan and defeat Bakasura to get large amounts of items.Beware,your clan is not the only one present there so you must also conquer the tower. Main Town: Orbis Temple ( by @deMEV ) Some more photos: Some more photos with NPCs and zones : The servers comes with Pack+source+database + patch . Ready to run. YOU CAN ANYTIME TEST THE SERVER CONTACT ME VIA SKYPE OR PM HERE ! skype name :
  7. Wich car is the best as DESIGN within those 2?Refering olny to design
  8. Like the title says... Wich one of the servers menioned down is the most profitable server type for INTERLUDE ? LET'S SUPOSE THAT THE SERVER IS "GOOD" BUILDED,AND IT HAS GOOD ADVERTISING AND BALANCE. Low rate Mid rate High rate (non custom) High rate (custom {simple items like dynasty/titanium with low bonuses}) High rate (custom { "star wars" items } ) Faction
  9. Its options problem You must go to Options and check the "Texture Filter"