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  1. Is there any good free recovery tool ? I want to recover some photos i have deleted from an external hard drive. Searched and downloaded few but it only recovers like 20% of the photos
  2. Opening at 13 April 20:00 GMT+2 http://l2criminal.com http://facebook.com/l2.criminal http://facebook.com/la2criminal General Informations Server Type: CUSTOM PVP Chronicle: Interlude Rates: 3000x Starting level: 80 Starting zone: Talking Island Vilage Customized killing spree system (Like on dota) Easy farm 3 farm zones 5 customized raidbosses 1 Party zone (changes everyday at 18:00) Pvp zones changing every hour Solo and party dungeons Max subclasses: 7 Max clan members: 20 (No alliances) Speed boost to all characters 99 Buff slots (VIP buffs included via vote coins) Enchant Rates Safe: 4 Max: 18 Normal scrolls: 65% Blessed scrolls: 60% ( +14 max for weapon / +12 max for armor ) If you fail it goes back to +4 Crystal scrolls: 45% ( +18 max for weapon / +14 max for armor) If you fail it goes back -1 Augment Rates Stackable active augments ( 1 passive + more actives ) Mid Grade LS: 10% (Farm Zones) High Grade LS: 15% (Dungeons & shop via event coin) Top Grade LS: 20% (Party Zones, Party Dungeons & shop via vote coins) http://l2criminal.com http://facebook.com/l2.criminal http://facebook.com/la2criminal Made for you with love and alot of involvment
  3. WTT 50 paysafe for 40 paypal