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  1. Website: https://www.l2ciroc.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Ciroc-101782548722206 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nKm7sbGwQQ Grand Opening 28.04.2021 at 20:00 GMT +3 L2Ciroc - C6 Interlude x9999 - Pride StyLe Custom DDos/Bot/Dual Box Protection Safe +4 Max +25. Enchants Normal, Crystal,Blessed All Classes Balanced and Playable For PvP/Farm/Support RATES • Start Level 80 • Max level 90 (Earning XP also from pvps.) Enchant: Safe +4 Max +25 • Maximum enchant +25 (weapons) • Bonus Stats at +20. R
  2. lets do it and open the server mate 🙂
  3. τη αλλο 8α δουν τα ομορφα ματακια μου εδω μεσα.
  4. Hello guys . i need interface for gracia fiinal or h5 server. have someone working interface any help ?
  5. Well if you gonna wipe the server every 2-3 weeks ofcourse people dont even join, i remember i used to play there 2 years ago, even on your website got photo with my char :D but there been around 200+ players for 1-3 weeks, You have to think about it, if you gonna open a server like yours, wipe it atleast everymonth, pay some fcking moneys for TOP Advertises, for banners, make some advertise events on forum and try to keep it w/o wipe for minimum 1 month... I used to play many servers like yours but after i saw admins are too retarded and wipe it every 2-3 weeks then fck it,
  6. More info here : https://discord.com/invite/DSAPTN5
  7. If u like our try to grow a community in discord instead of other social medias. you can invite your friends or other players/admins.. Through this Link : https://discord.gg/xZrWkRZ