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  1. Hello guys i use the L2Advanced High five (testing him for fun) but i have very strange thing i edit the 255 Special Tutorial but the script is stay the same like was before... is the server save cache from scripts? how i reload him? not working from //reload and no from server full restart... or maybe the HTML ClassChoose is in another html file? cuse i edit this in the Script. if (canChangeClass(player, jobLevel)) { StringBuilder html = new StringBuilder(); html.append("<html noscrollbar><head><title>L2Advanced Newbie Tutorial</title></head>"); html.append("<body>"); html.append("<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=292 height=310 background=\"l2ui_ct1.Windows_DF_TooltipBG\">"); html.append("<tr><td align=center><br>"); html.append("<table width=280><tr><td align=center valign=center>"); html.append("<img src=\"L2UI.squaregray\" width=285 height=1/> "); html.append("<font name=hs12 color=3399FF>L2Advanced</font>"); html.append("<img src=\"L2UI.squaregray\" width=285 height=1/>"); html.append("</td></tr></table>"); html.append("<br></td></tr><tr>"); html.append("<td align=center height=150>"); html.append("<table width=280><tr><td align=center><img src=\"%image:30000.png%\" width=240 height=64></td></tr>"); html.append("<tr><td align=center><br><font color=LEVEL name=hs12>Welcome to L2Advanced ! </font></td></tr>"); html.append("</table>"); html.append("<br1>"); html.append("<table width=280><tr><td align=center>"); html.append("<font color=00ff99>").append(player.getName()).append("</font> change your class for <font color=\"LEVEL\">").append(Util.formatAdena(Config.CLASS_MASTERS_PRICE_LIST[jobLevel])).append(" Adena</font>!<br1>"); html.append("</td></tr></table>"); html.append("<table width=280>"); for (ClassId cid : ClassId.values())