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  1. ok found something new the server is not stuck just the character stuck like if i go somewhere it took me back to the start point
  2. Nothing in console... everything like was before it stuck, But i know the mode of the all events call "fight club" But i found that error when i try to start the event manually
  3. Hi guys,H5 l2jadvanced, After last hero event poll when you got the window with the waiting bar (confirm/cancel) The player is stuck/lag When i run it take me back to the same place before..cant kill mobs and etc,something strange,some one saw something like that before?
  4. Hi, thank you for sharing, in the Buffer there is not command to make a new table for npc_buffer only insert
  5. Hello guys i use the L2Advanced High five (testing him for fun) but i have very strange thing i edit the 255 Special Tutorial but the script is stay the same like was before... is the server save cache from scripts? how i reload him? not working from //reload and no from server full restart... or maybe the HTML ClassChoose is in another html file? cuse i edit this in the Script. if (canChangeClass(player, jobLevel)) { StringBuilder html = new StringBuilder(); html.append("<html noscrollbar><head><title>L2Advanced Newbie Tutorial</title></head>"); html.append("<body>"); html.append("<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=292 height=310 background=\"l2ui_ct1.Windows_DF_TooltipBG\">"); html.append("<tr><td align=center><br>"); html.append("<table width=280><tr><td align=center valign=center>"); html.append("<img src=\"L2UI.squaregray\" width=285 height=1/> "); html.append("<font name=hs12 color=3399FF>L2Advanced</font>"); html.append("<img src=\"L2UI.squaregray\" width=285 height=1/>"); html.append("</td></tr></table>"); html.append("<br></td></tr><tr>"); html.append("<td align=center height=150>"); html.append("<table width=280><tr><td align=center><img src=\"%image:30000.png%\" width=240 height=64></td></tr>"); html.append("<tr><td align=center><br><font color=LEVEL name=hs12>Welcome to L2Advanced ! </font></td></tr>"); html.append("</table>"); html.append("<br1>"); html.append("<table width=280><tr><td align=center>"); html.append("<font color=00ff99>").append(player.getName()).append("</font> change your class for <font color=\"LEVEL\">").append(Util.formatAdena(Config.CLASS_MASTERS_PRICE_LIST[jobLevel])).append(" Adena</font>!<br1>"); html.append("</td></tr></table>"); html.append("<table width=280>"); for (ClassId cid : ClassId.values())
  6. You can see there here. Is that maybe somewhere in config that say max item id?
  7. no xml side for the armor in this source , only skills/argument xmls but added in armor sql table.
  8. HI guys, i worked before on Interlude , but now i try the High Five i use the L2Ava Source for test and dont know how add a new armor/weapon i have added the SQL data for the armors, added the armor.grp Armor sets xml but still its an error that the id is not exist.. what i missed? Sorry for my english :(