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  1. Hello young people, Here is a simple protection. In -> l2jserver/gameserver/model/zone/type/L2SiegeZone.java method -> onExit(L2Character character) Add: + //If you leave the siege zone, ward returns to the castle. + if (character instanceof L2PcInstance && ((L2PcInstance)character).isCombatFlagEquipped() + && TerritoryWarManager.getInstance().isTWInProgress()) +
  2. Hello young people, Here is a simple protection. Block skill use equipped ward during territory war. In -> l2jserver/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestMagicSkillUse.java method -> runImpl() search for: // Check the validity of the skill if (skill != null) { Add: + if (activeChar.isInSiege()) + { + //Block Shadow Step, Blink and Warp with Ward + if (skill.getId() == 628 || skill.getId() == 1448 || skill.getId() == 821) + { + //check player equiped ward +
  3. Hello young people, Here is a simple protection. in -> l2jserver/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestMagicSkillUse.java method -> runImpl() search for: // Check the validity of the skill if (skill != null) { Add: + if (activeChar.isInSiege()) + { + //Proibe Ress em Sieges + if (skill.getId() == 1016 || skill.getId() == 1254) + { + activeChar.sendMessage("Não é possivel utilizar " + skill.getName() + " durante a Siege!"); + activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATI
  4. Anyone know how to put items with limited time on acis? type 24 hours. I tried the xml put the item <set name="time" val="1800" /> however yielded nothing, or it is impossible to put time items in acis? case is otherwise, please tell me. sorry for bad English :)
  5. Good afternoon to all of Maxcheaters, I come here to post you the original Statuet Monument, it was removed from L2JDX and do not know who is the credits, make good avail. Thanks for providing the rev: Screenshot Credit removal and adaptation: Tayran.Cannabis Removing Source: L2JDX
  6. Voy utilizar en my server, Thanks por el event :)
  7. Well, next, I have this little code in SystemMessage: public final SystemMessage addPcFakeName() { append(new SMParam(TYPE_PLAYER_NAME, Config.ANONYMOUS_ZONE_NAME)); return this; } Doubt is The Next, I add another Config, this one: Config.ALT_OLY_ANTI_FEED_NAME However do not know how I will add, try to put && and || but always is in error, anyone could give any tips on how to add?
  8. clear that there has even the way the mail box + trade, you are going by logic, anyone who wants to keep a server on the active search or develop their own protection ;)
  9. this protects yes, just does not protect if you have not added right ¬¬ for use in my server this protection and protects perfectly;)
  10. Prevent multiple logins per account when client sends character… …s like â é ò as part of the account name.* Split account retrival from account checkin.* Remove unnessesary classes BanInfo and FailedLoginAttemp.* Synchronized access to failed login attemps map.Credits:Reported By: zurcnanerReviewed By: UnAfraid Bug: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/189012-new-bug-duplicate-freya-hi5/ Code Prevent: https://github.com/L2J/L2J_Server/commit/40d1b29619f63cf9dba20442918781f0635bc631.diff
  11. in servers updated with l2jserver from 6th June 2014 this bug does not catch because it was the date the patch was applied, but in previous revisions works perfectly ...
  12. just grab a sharp system, has many the net :)
  13. Hello everyone, today I bring to you a new bug that is taking 98% of Lineage 2 servers, is a simple bug, this video teaches the player how to do it however if the server has protection against hacker process, simply use the system explorer you find on various websites ... note: 98% of Freya / High Five servers have this bug, I could already solve it on my server with the help of l2jserver, so I hope you aprontem much: D good go to the video
  14. is to do something to block when trying to login with accentuation in the accounts? type signed up my account on the site with login: donate, woe to log digit: dónate using a sharp system and then quietly, as if you block that will solve the bug that're having today on the servers of day that few know ...